Parents and students, after more or less two months of summer break, the school year is here. Apart from the forthcoming and seemingly-never-ending school expenses, the daily morning battle of waking up earlier than summer mornings, longer and tiring days, nights of re-learning general education, and a whole lot more is on again.
Nothing beats a well-planned groundwork for the coming school season. Here are saving tips and survival guide for the awesome-st person in the household:

Recycle as much as possible.

Some school bags, shoes, uniforms and a lot more can surely last more than a year. Cut your expenses with these things that you think your kids can use again. Some of these may not be 100% in their best condition but for sure, it can still be usable as it is when you bought it. As much as possible, try to make use of school supplies used last year for this school year. Re-train yourself on sewing, pasting, sticking things and bigger savings will surely come and could be allocated to other important things.

Spend more if needed.

Cheapest is not always the best deal available. Recycling is important as it directly saves your money but sometimes, moms should know when to pay more to save more later on. For instance, buying quality goods like shoes can spare you from buying another in the middle of the school year because you invest on something cheaper, but substandard in quality. Always compare to know the best deal.

Make a ‘Baon’ plan.

Schedule a certain ‘baon’ for your kids. It doesn’t only give you savings for not giving them actual money; you can also have a vision of their daily nutrition. Make your kid excited on opening their lunchboxes every break time by adding special touches specially made for them.

Prepare for the rainy days.

The first half of the school year is usually a rainy season. Maximize the cheap rain gears that come cheaper during summer. Check your kid’s raincoats, boots, and umbrellas to gauge if it is practical to buy new ones. Decide now or cram later.

Put names.

Kids losing their things are usual but you can increase the chance of getting it back by putting your child’s name on his things. Teaching your child about taking full responsibility for his belongings can help him not just now, but also in the future.

Excite them with hand-me-downs.

If you have more than one kid, hand-me-downs are usual scenarios. Make your kid excited about wearing or using something owned by other siblings or relatives. Don’t make them feel you’re just saving or they don’t deserve new supplies. Instill on your kid that it’s exciting and fulfilling when you save.

Make do of the ‘transition week’.

Help your kid on making the transition from vacation to school days smoother and bearable. Wake your kids up earlier than usual during the last week of their vacation. Or, allow them to familiarize themselves to academics by giving them a book read or two. Let them do things they usually do on school days.

Make the first day memorable.

Snap that first-day-of-school-with-fixed-hair-and-baby-powdered-face-by-mom photo and send them to school with good luck kisses for another whole year of the new learning experience.

How did you prepare for this school year?

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