What Student Discounts are Available in the Philippines?

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What’s more challenging for students than passing Math and coming to school on time? It’s making their allowance last.

This is why student discounts are a welcome opportunity to stretch one’s daily budget for school needs.

Knowing where you can score a student discount not only helps you save money but also trains you to be financially smart—a trait that will be extremely useful after you graduate from college.

Students who present a valid school ID or proof of current enrollment can get a discount on various products and services in the Philippines.

Public Transportation

Student Discount Philippines - Public Transportation
Photo by Exec8 via Wikimedia Commons

Student discount on transport fare isn’t something new in the Philippines, where students enjoy lower fare in jeepneys, buses, and tricycles.

With the recent signing of Republic Act 11314, also known as the Student Fare Discount Act, the mandatory 20% discount for students has been expanded to include all forms of land, sea, and air transportation.

Who Can Get a Student Discount on Transport Fare?

All students in the Philippines from elementary to college level, including those studying in technical-vocational schools, are entitled to the 20% discount.

However, post-graduate students such as those taking up masteral, doctoral, medicine, or law degrees are exempted from the student discount. Students enrolled in short-term classes such as those in driving schools and dance schools are not covered by the new student fare discount law.

When and Where to Avail the 20% Student Fare Discount

The fare discount can be availed throughout the year—including weekends and holidays—while the student is enrolled.

The student discount law covers the following public transportation modes:

Excluded from the student discount are school services, shuttle services, tourist services, and other transport services that are covered by a contract or charter agreement.

Laptops and Other Tech Products

Student Discount Philippines - Laptops and Tech Products

Did you know that students in the Philippines can get as much as PHP 6,000 off on a Mac or iPad purchase?

Apple offers an education discount for college and K-12 students, as well as teachers and school staff, on the following laptop and tablet models:

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • iMac
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac mini
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad
  • iPad mini

Students can avail of the Apple discount on its online store or any Apple Authorized Education Reseller nationwide.

Music Streaming Subscription

Student Discount Philippines - Spotify

Love listening to music while waiting for your next class? You’ll be glad to know that some music streaming providers offer discounts for college students in the Philippines.

Both Apple Music and Spotify allow students to subscribe to their streaming service with a 50% discount good for four years.

A Spotify Premium subscription costs only PHP 65 per month for students enrolled in an accredited college or university. The regular price for that monthly plan is PHP 129.

Subscribing to Apple Music costs PHP 69 monthly for college students, which is cheaper than the regular monthly rate of PHP 129.

Looking for a student discount for Netflix? Unfortunately, the video streaming company doesn’t currently offer discounted plans for students.


Student Discount Philippines - Museums
Photo from The Mind Museum Facebook page

Visiting a museum is a worthwhile experience, whether it’s required in your class or something you just want to do in your free time. It’s a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge about science, arts, and Philippine culture and history.

Good thing, there are museums in the Philippines that offer free admission, such as the National Museum. Other museums that charge an entrance fee have discounted rates for student visitors.

MuseumStudent RateRegular Rate
Art in IslandPHP 400PHP 500
Ayala Museum
  • Local student: PHP 125
  • Foreign student: PHP 300
PHP 425
Bahay TsinoyPHP 60PHP 100
Baluarte de San DiegoPHP 50PHP 75
BenCab MuseumPHP 120PHP 150
Calvo MuseumPHP 20PHP 50
Casa ManilaPHP 50PHP 75

Destileria Limtuaco Museum

PHP 50PHP 100
Fort Santiago (including Rizal Shrine)PHP 50PHP 75
Pinto Art MuseumPHP 100PHP 200
The Mind Museum
  • Philippine public school student (up to college): PHP 190
  • Private school student (up to college): PHP 475
PHP 625


Local movies are also discounted for students in the Philippines to encourage the youth to watch Filipino films at the cinemas.

Every Wednesday, students who are not older than 18 years old can avail of student discount on tickets for local movies. The discounted prices for students are PHP 200 in Metro Manila and PHP 150 in the provinces.

Students who are indie movie fans can save PHP 50 on Cinemalaya films. The discounted price for students is PHP 150 per screening.

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Concerts and Plays

Student Discount Philippines - Concerts and Plays

Students in the Philippines can also buy discounted tickets for concerts and theatrical performances such as plays and musicals through TicketWorld or TicketNet. The student discount, which ranges from 20% to 50%, is available only at physical outlets and cannot be availed online.

Final Thoughts

Like senior citizens and persons with disability (PWDs), students in the Philippines are entitled to discounts that help them save money and make their daily or weekly allowance last.

Saving money matters a lot to students who have no full-time income-earning capacity yet. So while you’re still studying in school, always bring your school ID and take advantage of student discounts. Remember, every peso you’ll save counts!

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