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Loyalty Programs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial airlines reward loyal passengers with air miles or points through loyalty programs, also known as frequent-flyer programs. In the Philippines, AirAsia has AirAsia BIG, Cebu Pacific has GetGo, and Philippine Airlines has Mabuhay Miles. Airline loyalty programs work like typical customer rewards programs of malls, bookstores, and gas stations. Each time you buy a product, you earn corresponding points. In the case of an airline, you earn points or miles when you book a plane ticket, buy from the airline’s partner outlets, or use an air miles credit card. Find out more here.
Creating an account with an airline loyalty program is free and open to anyone, even to OFWs. There are no required documents to join a frequent-flyer program. All you have to do is to enroll on an airline’s website. You can register for AirAsia BIG, GetGo or Mabuhay Miles.
Whether you’re a frequent or just a casual traveler, it’s easy to collect rewards points under an airline loyalty program. Earn points when you fly with an airline and purchase from its local and overseas partner establishments (such as eCommerce websites or restaurants). Booking hotels or tours and renting cars can also earn you points, depending on your airline of choice.
Keep earning air miles as a member of an airline loyalty program, and you’ll reach enough points to snag a free flight. Once you do, you can buy a plane ticket with your miles as you would with cash or credit card. Most airline loyalty programs make it convenient for members to redeem points. AirAsia, for instance, allows you to see exactly how much points would a flight cost if you choose to pay in this way. GetGo members can redeem either online or by calling the local team. Those who want to redeem Mabuhay Miles cannot do so online and have to contact their representatives. Some airlines, such as AirAsia or Philippine Airlines also allow you to redeem your points for e-vouchers or gift cards.
Accumulated points do not go to waste. AirAsia BIG points last for up to 3 years after last activity, Mabuhay Miles can be redeemed up to 2 years since the user was last active and GetGo members can redeem their points for up to a year since the date of their last activity.
Most airlines offer priority access to seat sales as well as exclusive promos. If you’re a member of an airline rewards program, no need to manually input all your details (full name, contact number, email address, passport details, etc.) because they’re already saved in the airline’s system. Especially during a seat sale, this makes flight booking faster and easier. Lastly, airlines sometimes reward their loyalty members with a variety of deals such as bonus points, double earning rates, freebies, and discounts from an airline’s partners.