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Did you know that Filipino senior citizens who reach 100 years old receive a one-time PHP 100,000 cash gift?

The Centenarians Act of 2016 (Republic Act 10868) mandates this cash incentive on top of senior citizen discounts and benefits under the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 (Republic Act 9994).

Also, indigent senior citizens receive a PHP 500 monthly social pension, an additional financial assistance from the DSWD for the poor and needy elders.

Local government units (LGUs) all over the Philippines implement their own ordinances and programs that provide senior citizen benefits beyond the discounts required by national laws. For example, seniors in Makati and Pasig get a free cake on their birthday.

To avail of these senior citizen benefits, residents need to present their senior citizen ID issued by the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) or special card issued by their respective LGUs.

We’re listing down the senior citizen benefits for Filipinos aged 60 and above in each major city in the Philippines.

Senior Citizen Benefits in Makati

Senior Citizen Benefits in Makati
Photo from My Makati Facebook page

Makati is known as the most generous city for elders, with its 80,000 registered senior citizens getting the royal treatment. It’s one of the first cities to give free cakes and implement coding exemption for seniors.

Those with an OSCA-issued ID (called the white card) get the usual 20% senior citizen discount on restaurants, hospitals, and other establishments.

Having a BLU card entitles a senior citizen in Makati to these additional benefits:

  • One-time PHP 100,000 cash gift on the senior’s 100th birthday in addition to the cash award under the Centenarians Act, for a total of PHP 200,000
  • Annual cash gift ranging from PHP 3,000 to PHP 5,000 depending on age bracket
  • Unlimited free movies at cinemas in Makati, including Greenbelt, Glorietta, Power Plant Mall, Century Mall, Waltermart, and Cash and Carry
  • Birthday cakes and golden wedding anniversary cakes
  • Free medicines and subsidized health care services
  • Vehicle coding exemption in Makati, whether as drivers or passengers
  • Free Lakbay Saya leisure tours (with free food and accommodation for provincial tours)
  • Free admission to cultural and theatrical presentations

Senior Citizen Benefits in Quezon City

Senior Citizen Benefits in Quezon City
Photo from Quezon City Local Government Facebook page

Home to 375,000 registered senior citizens, Quezon City is a great place for elders to live in. The local government provides financial support to projects that are beneficial to senior residents. Aside from that, QC is the only city that gives extra senior citizen benefits to those aged 100 and above in addition to the mandatory PHP 100,000 centenarian gift.

Benefits for Centenarians in QC

  • PHP 1,000 cash gift on every succeeding birthday after the 100th
  • PHP 1,000 Christmas cash gift
  • Monthly allowance worth PHP 1,000

Benefits for All Other Senior Citizens in QC

  • Additional 18% discount on medical and dental services (on top of the mandatory 20% senior citizen discount) within two weeks of the senior’s birthday
  • Free movie admission up to two films every Monday and Tuesday (from cinema opening until 5 pm only), for a total of 240 movies every year
  • Transfer tax exemption when selling a senior’s house and lot in QC
  • Funding from the city government for programs and activities proposed by senior citizen associations in barangays
  • Free parking in commercial establishments
  • Free use of pay restrooms

Senior Citizen Benefits in Manila

Senior Citizen Benefits in Manila
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The Manila city government has a variety of perks for its 145,000+ registered senior citizens.

  • Free movies every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at any cinema in Manila
  • PHP 500 birthday cash gift
  • Free maintenance medicines worth PHP 3,000 monthly for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, and cough and colds
  • Free medical services and laboratory tests (physical examination, endoscopy, cardiac stress test, etc.) in all hospitals and healthcare facilities in Manila
  • Vehicle coding exemption in Manila, whether as drivers or passengers

Senior Citizen Benefits in Pasig

Senior Citizen Benefits in Pasig
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Senior residents in Pasig with a blue card can avail of these benefits:

  • PHP 2,000 Christmas cash gift
  • Free movies at Robinsons Movie World cinemas in Pasig
  • Birthday cakes
  • Free hospitalization and free prescription medicines at the Pasig City General Hospital
  • Free anti-pneumonia and anti-flu vaccines

Senior Citizen Benefits in Taguig

Senior Citizen Benefits in Taguig
Photo from I Love Taguig Facebook page

Around 7,000 senior citizens in Taguig enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free maintenance medicines for hypertension, asthma, and diabetes delivered to seniors’ homes
  • Free nursing services at home
  • Birthday cash gifts ranging from PHP 3,000 to PHP 5,000 depending on age bracket
  • Free eye check-ups and prescription glasses
  • Free wheelchairs and canes

Senior Citizen Benefits in Parañaque

Instead of birthday cakes, senior citizens in Parañaque get free medical services on their birth month. As the city mayor puts it, these senior citizen benefits are like “getting annual executive checkups” for their birthday.

Senior residents in the city enjoy these perks:

  • PHP 500 birthday cash gift
  • PHP 500 Christmas cash gift
  • Free medical check-ups and laboratory tests on birth month
  • Free movies every Monday and Tuesday at cinemas in Parañaque
  • PHP 2,000 burial assistance given to beneficiaries of deceased senior citizens

Senior Citizen Benefits in Caloocan

At least 55,000 senior citizens in Caloocan are treated to the following perks:

  • Free medicines, medical check-ups, flu vaccines, wheelchairs, eye cataract operations, and eyeglasses in geriatric clinics
  • Grocery gift packs for birthday celebrators
  • Free movies every Monday (within first three screenings only) at SM Center Sangandaan cinemas

Senior Citizen Benefits in Other Philippine Cities

Senior Citizen Benefits
Photo from Cebu City Public Information Office Facebook page

Other key cities in the Philippines also provide additional benefits other than senior citizen discounts.

  • Cebu City – PHP 1,000 monthly financial assistance (for a total of PHP 12,000 per year), free movies every Monday and Tuesday, and free parking
  • Davao City – PHP 5,000 financial assistance for families of deceased elders
  • Las Piñas – Up to PHP 40,000 hospitalization subsidy and free movies every Monday and Tuesday at Robinsons Las Piñas, SM Southmall, and Vista Mall cinemas
  • Marikina – PHP 1,000 birthday cash gift and free health care services (medical and dental check-up, physical therapy, counseling, etc.) at the Senior Citizens Healthy Lifestyle Center
  • Mandaluyong – Free use of pay restrooms
  • Muntinlupa – Free parking, free movies up to four times monthly at SM Center Muntinlupa, free medicines, free medical and dental services, and a PHP 1,000 monthly allowance for nonagenarians (aged 90 to 99)
  • Pasay – Free movies at SM Mall of Asia every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; annual PHP 500 midyear cash assistance; PHP 500 birthday cash gift; and PHP 500 Christmas bonus
  • Valenzuela – Free parking; free medicines for hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis for indigent senior citizens; and free medical screening

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Final Thoughts

The information here is based on the respective cities’ official communications via their website and social networks as well as news reports. Other senior citizen benefits may not be communicated to the public. Also, some benefits change from time to time. So it’s best to contact your local OSCA to inquire about the benefits that your city or municipality provides for senior citizens.
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