Need a PhilHealth ID ASAP? Here’s How to Get One (Without Fixers)

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated March 06, 2023

Before claiming any PhilHealth benefits, members have to provide their Member Data Record (MDR) and/or PhilHealth ID. The latter, however, is often overlooked by PhilHealth members even if one can easily get the ID without charge. After all, you usually only need to provide your membership number for most transactions.

Apart from having a valid ID that you can use for government and non-government transactions, owning an ID from PhilHealth also allows you to maximize your PhilHealth benefits. Thus, it's important to know how to get PhilHealth ID number and card.

In case you're one of those members who don't have this government-issued ID yet, here's how to get one.

What is the PhilHealth ID?

The PhilHealth Identification Number (also called PIN or PhilHealth ID number) is a unique and permanent number issued to anyone who registers for a PhilHealth membership. This is used for identification, verification of a member's eligibility for PhilHealth benefits, and recording of the member's availment of benefits.

Along with the PhilHealth ID number, an identification card is issued upon your PhilHealth enrollment. This ID card certifies that the cardholder and their qualified dependents are entitled to the benefits and privileges provided by the government's National Health Insurance Program.

How to Get a PhilHealth ID in the Philippines

how to get philhealth id - philhealth membership

Not sure how to go about getting a PhilHealth ID? The PhilHealth ID application process varies slightly depending if you're an employed or an unemployed/self-employed individual, but the PhilHealth ID requirements are the same:

  • Two accomplished copies of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)[1]
  • Two latest 1×1 ID pictures
  • At least two valid IDs or a photocopy of your PSA-issued Birth Certificate
  • Baranggay certificate

👉 How to Get a PhilHealth ID for Employed Members

If this is your first time to be employed in a private company (and you don't have a PhilHealth number yet), expect your HR officer to process your PhilHealth membership and provide you with an ID. Here's the usual process:

  1. Fill out two copies of the PMRF.
  2. Submit the PMRF to your HR Department.
  3. Wait for your employer to give you your Member Data Record (MDR) and PhilHealth ID card. 

👉 How to Get a PhilHealth ID for Self-Employed and Unemployed Members

However, if you're unemployed or self-employed, you need to register as a voluntary member first, then apply for a PhilHealth ID card.

  1. Fill out two copies of the PMRF.
  2. Go to the nearest Local Health Insurance Offices or PhilHealth Express outlet.
  3. Submit the PMRF.
  4. Wait for your MDR and PhilHealth ID to be processed, printed, and issued to you after a few minutes. Double-check all the information before you leave.
  5. Take note of your PhilHealth Identification Number—you'll use this when paying for your monthly contributions or filing claims.

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👉 How to Get a PhilHealth ID for Senior Citizens

PhilHealth ID Application Procedure at the Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA):

  1. Fill out two copies of the PMRF.
  2. Once you're done filling out the forms, submit both accomplished forms to the OSCA in the city or municipality where the elder resides.
  3. Wait for the MDR and ID card.

PhilHealth ID Application Steps at a PhilHealth office:

  1. Fill out two copies of the PMRF.
  2. Attach a 1x1 photo of the senior citizen requesting an ID.
  3. Present the senior citizen's OSCA-issued ID or any valid government ID.
  4. Submit the filled-out PMRF.
  5. Wait for the MDR and ID card.

Reminders for Getting a PhilHealth ID

how to get philhealth id - avoid fixers

The digitized ID card is not yet available for distribution in all regions. You may want to check with your LHIO to see if it’s already available in your area.

Note that you don't need to present your ID to redeem PhilHealth benefits,[2] thanks to the Universal Health Care Law. However, members still need to present their ID for hospital transactions and to get discounts from drug stores and other participating establishments.

Lastly, transact only with the staff at a PhilHealth branch. Avoid fixers that offer PhilHealth ID assistance on social media for a fee. Remember that the PhilHealth ID and MDR are both free of charge.

PhilHealth ID Application FAQs

1. What is the difference between PhilHealth ID and PhilHealth Insurance Card?

how to get philhealth id - philhealth id sample

The regular PhilHealth ID card is a paper ID that you can use when claiming inpatient or outpatient hospital benefits. Members can claim this ID without charge at any PhilHealth LHIO.

Although it's one of the valid IDs in the Philippines, the regular ID from PhilHealth is not accepted in some banking and government transactions, like the DFA passport application. It's limited to getting basic services or filing insurance claims at hospitals.

You can request your HR officer to process this for you. You can also claim this ID for free at any PhilHealth LHIO. Just follow the steps above.

On the other hand, the PhilHealth Insurance ID Card[3] is a digitized ID issued to employed members. It's a PVC plastic card that you don't need to laminate like the paper PhilHealth regular ID.

Getting this card is optional and can cost some fees, but it's more useful than the regular ID card. For one, it's accepted as a valid ID.

In addition, you can also enjoy exclusive member discounts and deals at participating drug stores, optical shops, laboratories, and drug testing sites.

If you have dependents, you can also let them use the card to avail of these discounts on medicine purchases at affiliated drugstores or pharmacies.

2. When is the PhilHealth ID number required to use?

The PhilHealth number is a requirement for claiming benefits. If you're a voluntary member, you also need the number every time you make your monthly contributions.

3. How can I get my PhilHealth ID online?

There isn't any PhilHealth online ID application facility, which means you have to personally secure a PhilHealth ID only at any PhilHealth office or PhilHealth Express branches in the Philippines.

4. Can I get my PhilHealth ID immediately?

Yes, you don't have to wait for days or weeks to get your PhilHealth ID. You can easily claim your PhilHealth ID on the same day of your PhilHealth registration. You just need to secure your PhilHealth ID number and attach a 1x1 photo to your ID card.

5. How do I replace a lost PhilHealth ID?

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for replacing your ID. You need to go through the application process again and submit the same PhilHealth membership requirements. You'll need to provide an affidavit of loss as well.

The same applies if your ID is damaged. Surrender your damaged ID during your new ID application process.

6. What if I can't afford to pay premiums? Can I still get an ID from PhilHealth?

Good news, Quezon City residents! If you're a non-PhilHealth member who can't afford to pay monthly premiums, the local government will give you a PhilHealth ID and pay a monthly premium of ₱300 on your behalf.

According to Mayor Joy Belmonte, residents can use this ID to avail of in-patient or out-patient health services.[4] Interested residents can head to their District Action Office to learn how to apply. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to get PhilHealth ID, are you going to get one anytime soon? We know it can be a hassle to queue up for hours to get government IDs like this one, but don't discount the importance of having this particular government-issued ID.

It’s one of the most effective ways to claim benefits in private and public healthcare institutions, especially during this pandemic. Aside from having your PhilHealth ID card with you for medical emergencies, make sure to always update your PhilHealth membership.

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