LTO Online Appointment for Car Registration and License Renewal: What You Need to Know

by Venus Zoleta, on category "Car News,Government Services"

May 14, 2018

LTO Online Appointment System |

Tired of spending hours at a Land Transportation Office (LTO) branch just to renew your car registration or driver’s license? You should definitely try the new LTO online system for scheduling your renewal.
Yes, you read it right: LTO has started providing some online services to vehicle owners in the Philippines. Here’s what you must know about the LTO online appointment system.

What’s In It For You?

More Efficient Renewal Process

LTO Online PASS |

Launched in April 2018, the LTO Online Personal Appointment and Scheduling System (PASS) will speed up and simplify your renewal transactions with the government agency. LTO will assign a special lane in branches equipped with this facility for people who booked appointments online.
The LTO Online PASS will reduce the process to just 45 minutes (or faster, depending on the branch). This is a lot more efficient compared to walk-in transactions that can take as much as four hours.
All you have to do is access the site from your computer or smartphone, set an appointment, and visit a designated LTO branch to complete your renewal process. No need to transfer from one window to another, according to LTO.
This means you won’t have to take a leave of absence from work or spend a weekend for renewing your license or car registration. For an even faster process, check out these tips for driver’s license renewal.

Secure Online Booking

LTO Online Booking |
The LTO online system ( runs on a secure platform with an HTTPS encryption, unlike the main LTO website ( that isn’t as secure and encrypted.
When you book an appointment with LTO online, you’ll be required to enter your address, contact details, and driver’s license number. Because the online appointment site is encrypted, hackers won’t have access to your personal data. This will give you peace of mind when using the LTO online system.

Is This LTO Online Service Available to All?

LTO Online Marikina Branch |

The LTO Marikina branch is one of the pilot centers for the Online PASS system. Instagram photo by @rareriroru2

LTO has just recently begun its online appointment system, so it isn’t available in all its branches and for all types of transactions yet.
As of this writing, the online service works only in five LTO district offices: Central Office in East Avenue, Quezon City; Novaliches, QC; Marikina; Muntinlupa; and Pasig. By end of the year, LTO will implement the online system nationwide.
Transactions in all other LTO branches in the Philippines are still undergoing normal processing. The district offices with the Online PASS facility also accept walk-in applicants, so you can still transact with the LTO even without an online appointment. You can still renew your license or vehicle if you can’t book your preferred schedule online because the slots are filled or the site isn’t working.
Also, the LTO Online PASS accommodates only renewal transactions for driver’s license and car registration. If you’ll apply for a license or register your vehicle for the first time, you’ll have to go straight to an LTO branch for walk-in processing.

How to Use the LTO Online PASS

LTO Online License Renewal |
If you’ve booked a passport appointment or an NBI clearance online before, you’ll find it easy to use the LTO Online PASS system.
For a smooth, hassle-free online booking, make sure your browser version meets the LTO’s minimum requirements: Google Chrome version 64.0.3282 or higher/Mozilla Firefox latest version 58.0.2 or higher.

LTO Online Appointment Steps

  1. Access the LTO Online PASS. Go to the LTO website and click on the LTO Online PASS button on the left side. Or simply click here to go directly to the online booking form.
  2. Click on Driver’s License Renewal or Motor Vehicle Renewal.
  3. Read the terms and conditions. Tick the small box at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms.
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click Continue.
  5. Fill out the online appointment form and submit.
  6. Choose an LTO branch, date, and time for your renewal. If you’re booking a license renewal appointment, the system will check first if your license is about to expire. The system will take you to the scheduling page only if your license is up for renewal.
  7. When you’re done booking an appointment online, you’ll receive a confirmation email from LTO. Show this confirmation message to the staff at the LTO branch on your scheduled renewal.

LTO Online |
The LTO Online Pass also allows you to verify your appointment status. Just click Check Existing Online Appointment and enter the authentication code.

Final Thoughts

To save time for your driver’s license or car registration renewal, take advantage of the LTO online appointment system. It may not be flawless as of the moment. Sometimes, it may bog down because of a lot of users trying to access the system at the same time. But having this convenient online service is a good start.
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