How to Get a Driver's License Faster Without a Fixer's Assistance

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated June 27, 2023

Wondering how to get a driver’s license faster in the Philippines? First things first: never avail of driver's license assistance from a fixer at the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Chances are, such an online service is fake.

Yes, it can be tempting to pay someone to complete your license application quickly. But it can cost you two to four times the price of doing it legally. If your license is found to be fake, you’ll be charged a fine and banned from getting a real license for two years.

There’s no shortcut to legally applying for a driver’s license in the Philippines. Just like other government transactions, expect long queues, slow service, and lots of frustrating situations. You’ll have to devote a whole day to your driver’s license application, even if it means taking a leave of absence from work.

With enough preparation, though, the process of getting your license may take only 3 to 4 hours, or even shorter, barring any IT or system error at the LTO. 

11 Tips to Get a Driver's License Faster Without Assistance from a Fixer

Here are some tips you can do prior to your application to speed it up and save time. More importantly, you won't have to do business with fixers for any kind of driver's license assistance online.

✔️ Don’t Transact with Fixers

drivers license assistance - lto fixer warning

You'll find fixers flocking outside the LTO branches promising fast transactions and driver's license assistance for a fee. They claim to have connections inside the LTO office that will facilitate the application.  

These fixers may also pretend that they’re LTO employees and guarantee that you can get your driver's license even without having to make a personal appearance at the LTO office. But in the end, they’ll issue a fake license, or worse, they disappear after you pay them upfront.

Many fixers sell driver's license assistance services online. The LTO warned motorists against social media pages that offer “LTO Drivers License Assistance.”[1] It also reminded the public not to transact with these scammers.[2]

To avoid getting scammed, transact only at a nearby LTO office and follow the government agency's official social media channels:

  • Facebook: @LTOPhilippines
  • Twitter: @LTOPhilippines
  • Instagram: @ltophilippines
  • TikTok: @ltophilippines

✔️ Secure a Medical Certificate in Advance

drivers license assistance - Secure a Medical Certificate in Advance

A medical certificate is one of the driver’s license requirements, so you can’t skip taking a medical examination. In the past, applicants needed to take a medical exam at any of the LTO-accredited clinics or government hospitals near the LTO office on the day of license application. Sometimes, these facilities were unavailable or closed.

Good thing, LTO now accepts medical certificates issued by any licensed and practicing physician, making it possible to get a driver’s license faster.

To speed things up, take a medical exam at least one day up to 60 days before applying for a license. LTO accepts medical certificates issued within 60 days prior to a driver’s license application. You can download a copy of the medical certificate from the LTO website.

OFW and Filipino immigrant driver's license holders are required to undergo a medical exam within 30 days upon arrival to the Philippines before they can drive.

Be sure that your medical certificate has the following information:

  • Physician’s name, address, Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) number, and Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) number
  • Confirmation that you’re mentally and physically fit for driving, able to see and hear clearly, and drug-free

✔️ Complete Your Documents

How to get a driver’s license faster? Make sure to prepare all the required documents before heading to an LTO branch. LTO driver’s license requirements depend on what class of driver’s license you will apply for. You may check the requirements by clicking the link below this article:

You may need to allot a week or more to secure all the document requirements for a driver’s license.

✔️ Study and Review the Driving Courses

LTO requires applicants for a student permit to take and complete a 15-hour theoretical driving course. You can start studying and reviewing the fundamentals of driving through the LTMS online portal.

Browse the e-learning materials there to give you an idea of what you'll encounter in the exams. Even those applying for renewals need to refresh their memory and go through the CDE online validation exam. 

✔️ Practice Driving Before Applying for a License

Ample preparation can help you get a driver’s license faster. This includes practicing driving in your own car to ensure you pass the practical exam at the LTO office. This will also familiarize you with basic driving protocols.

Failing the LTO exams is a waste of time because you won’t be issued a license. Flunk one of the tests twice, and you won’t be allowed to apply for a license in one year. If you fail for the third time, you won’t be able to get a license for the next two years.

Aside from practice driving, be aware of the conditions that automatically lead to failing the practical exam: hitting another vehicle or the gutter and incorrect actions that cause a collision. Also, listen carefully to the instructions given to you before you take the practical driving exam.

✔️ Bring Enough Cash for the Driver’s License Fees

driver's license assistance - Bring Enough Cash for the Driver’s License Fees
Photo: @nene_jen (Instagram)

Know how much money you’re supposed to bring for the driver’s license fees. If you don’t bring enough cash, you’ll have to line up (again) at the nearest ATM, which means your application will take longer.

It also helps to bring loose change instead of paying ​​₱1,000 or ₱500 bills. You’ll be paying several fees to separate cashiers, so pay the exact amount to get a driver’s license faster. Know the exact fees to pay beforehand:

New Student Permit Fees (Total: ₱317.63)

  • Application fee: ₱100
  • Computer fee: ₱67.63
  • Student Permit fee: ₱150

New Professional/Non-Professional Driver’s License Fees (Total: ₱820.26)

  • Application fee: ₱100
  • Computer fee: ₱67.63
  • License fee: ₱585
  • Computer fee: ₱67.63

Other Fees

  • Medical exam: ₱350 to ​​₱500
  • Car rental for driving test: ₱250 to ₱500

✔️ Dress Appropriately

The LTO requires driver’s license applicants to be “clean, neat, and presentable” during photo-taking and examinations. That means you aren’t allowed to wear just an undershirt or sleeveless shorts (for men), sports shorts, and slippers. Follow the LTO dress code to avoid hassles and delays in your driver’s license application.

✔️ Bring Snacks and Drinking Water

driver's license assistance - bring drinking water and snacks

Bring enough baon that will keep you from getting hungry and thirsty while lining up and waiting for your turn. In doing so, you won’t have to leave your queue and step out of the LTO office just to buy snacks or water.

Yes, you can ask the person standing behind you to reserve your spot on the line. But what if your name gets called while you’re buying food outside? So better have your food and drinks ready while queuing up.

✔️ Avoid Parking Problems

Is it better to bring your car or leave it at home? It depends on your priority.

Most LTO branches have limited parking space, and you might spend some time looking for an available slot elsewhere. If you prefer to get a driver’s license faster, you’ll be better off commuting or having a family member or friend drop you off.

On the other hand, bringing your own car during your driver’s license application could help raise your chance of passing the practical driving exam. Because you’re already familiar and comfortable with your car, you won’t need to adjust to a different car and be stressed. You also won’t have to spend money for renting a car at the LTO office.

✔️ Come Early to the LTO Office

LTO office
Photo: @rareriroru2 (Instagram)

Just like any government office, LTO offices are jam-packed with people every day, especially during peak hours and days.

But you can avoid long lines by being strategic about the time and day you arrive at the LTO office. To be among the first people in line, come as early as 7 a.m. or even earlier. If your schedule allows it, go to the LTO office on a non-peak day (usually from Tuesday to Thursday.)

✔️ Follow the Driver’s License Application Procedure

driver's license assistance - Follow the Steps to Applying for a Driver’s License
Photo: @mescasa (Instagram)

Avoid any delay—know what to expect during the driver’s license application. Here are the basic steps you need to know before you apply for a driver’s license:

  1. Submit your accomplished ADL form and supporting documents to the assigned window.
  2. Have your photo and signature taken.
  3. Pay the corresponding fee to the cashier.
  4. Take the written examination.
  5. Take the practical driving test.
  6. Pay the corresponding fee to the cashier.
  7. Wait for your name to be called for the release of your official receipt and license card.

You don’t want to waste time lining up at the wrong window. So check with the LTO personnel to know the right window you’ll transact with for every step of the application process.

Since the LTO has made the LTO online portal available for everyone, you can also register on the website and choose the type of license you want to apply for. Register for an account, supply your personal information, and the online portal will walk you through the process. Afterward, you’ll receive an email regarding your online registration.

From there, you can activate your account to complete the online application form. This will speed up the application process as you’ll only need to go through the biometrics and photo-taking at the LTO branch on your appointment date. 

FAQs on Driver's License Assistance by LTO Fixers

1. How much do license fixers charge?

A fixer at the LTO office may charge about ₱4,300 and offer you a no-show transaction. You’ll get your student permit, medical examination, and theoretical driving course—all processed within the day. 

Some online fixers also put up Facebook fan pages and outright offer their driver's license assistance services, with fees ranging from ₱3,500 to ₱6,000. 

2. What happens if you transact with an LTO fixer?

The LTO said fixers issue counterfeit and invalid student permits and driver's licenses. Whether consciously or unconsciously using a fake ID, you’ll pay the penalties if you get caught using one. 

Using a counterfeit student permit or driver's license will cost you a lot more than what you'll be paying for the actual application on-site without a fixer. 

You’ll pay a ₱3,000 penalty fee for using a counterfeit ID and receive a one-year disqualification. The worst-case scenario is getting up to six years of jail time for falsification of documents.


3. How do I know if the person providing driver's license assistance is a fixer?

Here are some tell-tale signs that a person offering a service to help you get a driver's license faster is actually a fixer:

  • Promising hassle-free transactions - If they promise an impossibly fast transaction and too-good-to-be-true results, they're likely scamming you. 
  • Asking for upfront payment - The highest payment these online fixers and scammers could ask for is about ₱6,500. They usually ask to transfer the payment via online banking and other payment methods. 
  • Offering a no-show transaction - Without your biometrics and a formal headshot, it's impossible to get a permit or driver's license ID. So, if an online fixer tells you that you can get a permit without visiting a branch, then that's definitely a scam. 

4. What should I do if I got scammed by an LTO fixer?

If you're scammed by an online fixer, report them on the LTO's official Facebook page.[3] Scammers will likely block you once they receive the money they claim as a processing fee. They may even delete the post or account they used to contact you, so it's unlikely you can reclaim your funds.

5. How long does it really take to get a driver's license?

If you have complete documents upon visiting the LTO branch, the process will take only about an hour or two for new applicants. If you're getting a renewal, it will be approximately less than an hour.

This is usually the case if you're an early bird. Otherwise, if you go there during peak hours, expect to spend long hours, especially if it's a busy branch. 

For  PWDs, pregnant women, and senior citizens, expect about an hour or less to get your permit via the special lane, provided you come early morning or before the peak hours. 

In general, you’ll get your driver's license within the day.

Final Thoughts

When it’s time to apply for your driver's license, remember that you don’t need any driver’s license assistance. Just follow the tips above and you should have no problem getting everything done. Also, make sure you transact only with authorized LTO personnel in an LTO branch.

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