How to Report a Lost Credit Card: Steps and Important Numbers to Call

Rouselle Isla

Rouselle Isla

Last updated October 20, 2023

Have you ever lost a wallet before? Losing your valid IDs, spare cash, debit cards, and credit cards is stressful. But more than that, a lost credit card can seriously hurt your finances if you don’t take the right steps immediately.  

Worried about ever finding yourself in such a situation? Here’s what to do if you lose your credit card, plus essential tips to prevent losing it.

Why a Lost Credit Card is a Serious Matter

Anyone who gets a hold of your lost credit card can use it without your knowledge. They can buy whatever they want at your expense—any purchase made using a credit card under your name will be held liable to you. All they need is the card number, expiry date, and card verification value (CVV) found on the back of your card.

If you fail to report your missing credit card to your bank, you’ll end up with a massive credit card debt. 

What to Do If I Lost My Credit Card?

To prevent any unauthorized charges on your card, here’s what to do if you lose your credit card: 

Step 1: Retrace Your Steps to Locate Your Credit Card 

lost credit card what to do - retrace your steps

If you can't find your credit card in your wallet, don’t panic and speed-dial your bank to say, “My credit card is lost!” You might've just misplaced it. 

Retrace your steps to the last time you used your credit card. Return to the store or restaurant and see if you left your card there. You can also check your other recently used wallets, bags, or clothing items. 

Step 2: Call Your Bank to Report Your Lost Credit Card

Some banks offer lock and unlock features in their mobile banking apps, allowing you to freeze your cards ASAP. For instance, UnionBank credit cardholders can temporarily lock their Visa credit card by logging in to UnionBank Online. 


Download your bank’s official mobile app and check if this feature exists. Make sure to update your banking apps for more credit card security features.

Otherwise, most banks have a 24/7 hotline for credit card emergencies:

Bank Credit Card Hotline
AUB 8282-8888 (Metro Manila); 1-800-10-282-8888 (PLDT)
Bank of Commerce 8632-2265 (Metro Manila); 1800-10-982-6000 (domestic toll-free)
BPI 8891-0000 (Metro Manila); 1-800-1888-9100 (domestic toll-free)
China Bank 8885 5888 (Metro Manila);  1-800-1888-5888 (domestic toll-free)
HSBC 8858-0000 (Metro Manila); 1-800-1-888-8555 (domestic toll-free)
Metrobank 8870-0700 (Metro Manila); 1-800-1888-5775 (domestic toll-free)
PNB 8818 9818 (Metro Manila;  1-800-1081-89818 (domestic toll-free)
RCBC 8888-1888 (Classic, Gold, and Co-Brands); 8888-1883 (Platinum, Diamond, Infinite, World, and ZALORA); 8888-1818 (AirAsia)
Security Bank 8887-9188 (Metro Manila)
UnionBank 8841-8600 (Metro Manila); 1-800-1888-2277 (domestic toll-free)

The bank’s customer service representative will ask questions to verify your identity and account. Be ready with your credit card information, credit card history, and most recent transactions.

As much as possible, make the call in a private location where no one can hear your sensitive information. From there, your bank can freeze and cancel your lost credit card to prevent unauthorized purchases. 

Wondering if you can report a lost credit card online instead? Yes, you can fill out an online form or send an email to the bank’s customer service department to report your lost credit card. 

But the response or action won’t be as immediate. It’s still recommended that you call the 24-hour customer service hotline to block or cancel the credit card immediately. 

Here’s how to report or cancel your lost credit card for specific banks in the Philippines:

💳 How to Report a Lost UnionBank Credit Card 

  1. Log in to your UnionBank Online app. From the dashboard, select the credit card you want to report. 
  2. Select Manage Cards and then Report Card.
  3. Lock the credit card to prevent any transaction from coming in while you report your lost credit card. 
  4. Enter the one-time password. 
  5. Confirm the delivery address to which the replacement card will be delivered. 
  6. Select why you're reporting the card (lost or stolen). 
  7. Supply the details of the incident. 
  8. Review the information you entered, then tap the Report Lost Card button. 

💳 How to Report a Lost Security Bank Credit Card 

You can report your lost Security Bank credit card via any of the following channels: 

  • Security Bank Official Facebook page via chatbot[1] - Select from the options and follow the prompts to report your lost credit card. You can also request a credit card replacement via the chatbox. 
  • Customer Service Hotline - Call the 24/7 hotline at +632-8887-9188 to immediately report your lost Security Bank credit card.
  • Security Bank branch - You can also speak to a bank representative during banking hours to help block your lost credit card. 

💳 How to Report a Lost BPI Credit Card 

  1. Call the 24-hour Contact Center at +632-8891-0000 if you're using your mobile phone or are overseas. You may also call the domestic toll-free number at 1-800-1888-9100. 
  2. Press 5 to report your lost credit card. 

Step 3: Check the Latest Credit Card Transactions

lost credit card what to do - check most recent transactions

Will you be notified if you lose your credit card and someone uses it? Yes, if your credit card is linked to your mobile banking app and you’ve set up alerts on your phone or email for all credit card transactions. Sometimes, the bank will also call to notify you of suspicious activities on your credit card and ask your permission to block it. 

If someone has already made an unauthorized purchase, file a formal complaint so that the bank can investigate. Submit supporting documents to prove unauthorized activity on your credit card and strengthen your case.

In general, here are the requirements that banks need:  

  • Accomplished credit card dispute form 
  • Police report
  • Affidavit of loss
  • Photocopy of old card
  • Transaction receipts
  • Other documents to strengthen your case

Step 4: Request a Credit Card Replacement 

Once the bank cancels your lost credit card, it will issue a new one with a different card number. Thus, your account will remain active, but your lost card with the old credit card number will be deactivated.  

You’ll also need to pay a card replacement fee of ₱400 to ₱1,000, depending on the bank and the type of credit card. It will be charged to your account, after which the bank will deliver the replacement card to your home address within 10 to 14 banking days. 

Step 5: Wait for Your New Credit Card 

You must present your valid ID and sign the claim form to receive your credit card. If you can’t receive it yourself, leave a signed authorization letter to be presented to the courier with a copy of your valid ID and your representative’s.  

Step 6: Update Your Automatic Payments

lost credit card what to do - update automatic payments

Activate your new credit card by calling your bank’s customer service hotline or sending the corresponding SMS activation code. This can also be done online or via the bank’s mobile app. Don't forget to affix your signature on the back of the card. 

And because you’ll be issued a new credit card number with a new CVV, update the credit card information for recurring payments like utility bills, insurance payments, and membership subscriptions to avoid penalties or late payment fees. Do the same thing if your old credit card is linked to your e-wallets, PayPal, and the like. 

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What Should I Do to Protect My Credit Card?

If you don’t want the hassle of a lost credit card, take precautions to protect your physical card and personal information. Know the credit card dos and don’ts to protect your account. 

🛡️ Keep Your Wallet With You at All Times 

When you’re outside, always be wary of where your wallet is. Don’t keep it in your back pocket or any area where it can be quickly snatched. Keep it inside your bag or purse, and hold it close to your body if you’re in crowded places. 

🛡️ Turn Off the Autofill Feature on Your Browser 

Don’t save your credit card information on your internet browser, especially if you share devices with other people. If you end up shopping online on an unprotected and shady webpage, hackers on the other side can scan all of your saved data, including your credit card info.

🛡️ Don’t Let Anyone Borrow Your Credit Card 

Even if you trust the person 100%, don’t give them your credit card. It’s not about distrusting the people you love but rather minimizing the risks of losing your credit card.

🛡️ Save Your Credit Card Provider’s Hotline Numbers 

If possible, add the hotlines to your speed dial. You don’t want to waste time searching online for these numbers once you lose your credit card. The sooner you call the bank to block the lost card, the sooner you can prevent unauthorized charges. 

🛡️ Activate SMS and Email Alerts

Turn on transaction alerts on your credit card to monitor charges made on your credit card. It’s extremely helpful in case of credit card fraud, as you can immediately notify your bank to block the card and reverse the charges. 

🛡️ Don’t Bring All Your Cards With You 

If you own multiple credit cards, bring only your most frequently used credit card and leave the rest in a safe place at home. This way, if you lose your wallet, you have to report only one lost credit card. 

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Lost Credit Card: FAQs

lost credit card - faqs

1. Can I still recover my lost credit card?

You might be wondering: can you track a lost credit card? If you lose your physical card, chances are you can’t. And even if you do, you have to assume that someone else has taken the information embedded in it. 

If, by any luck, you recover your lost credit card, it will remain blocked and deactivated. Get rid of it properly by cutting through the EMV chip, the logo, the card number, and the strip on the back. Dispose of the card in a way that it can’t be pieced back together. 

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2. What to do when you find a lost credit card?

Never play finders keepers. Depending on where you found the credit card, hand it over to an authorized person. The cardholder may retrace their steps, contact the personnel, and return to the establishment to ask about the lost card. 

If you can, call the issuing bank to report the card you found. In most cases, the bank will notify the credit cardholder and proceed with the next steps of blocking it and issuing a new one.  

3. What should I do if I lose my credit card abroad? 

Most credit card providers have a toll-free number you can call if you’re traveling overseas. In case you’re stranded without your credit card, some banks can also arrange an overnight delivery service for a replacement credit card. The charges will differ depending on the bank. 

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4. What should I do if I lose my credit card and I need the number?

Generally, you can access your card number via your online banking account or your credit card statement. You can also contact your bank’s hotline for more details.

Final Thoughts 

A lost credit card is a big headache, so treating your card like cash is essential. It is, after all, as valuable as the money in your pocket. 

Remember all these precautions by heart to prevent losing your credit card. Should you ever lose it, your swift action and presence of mind will prevent any unauthorized transactions. 

💳 Apply for Your Next Credit Card via Moneymax

Looking for other credit card options? Compare cards in the Philippines to find the best one and apply easily via Moneymax: 

Credit Card Best For Key Features
UnionBank Rewards Credit Card
UnionBank Rewards Credit Card - Aug 2023
  • 1 point per ₱30 spend
  • 3x points for shopping and dining locally and abroad
Metrobank Platinum Mastercard®
  • Up to 50% off on dining deals
  • 1 rewards point for every ₱20 spend 
BPI Rewards Card
BPI Rewards Card
  • Low income requirement of  ₱15,000
  • Low annual fee of ₱1,550 (waived for the first year)
UnionBank Lazada Credit Card
unionbank lazada
Online Shopping
  • ₱6 Lazada Credits per ₱200 spend at Lazada
  • ₱1 Lazada Credit per ₱200 spend elsewhere
  • Free monthly shipping of up to ₱50 
  • Free discount vouchers worth ₱500
Petron BPI Card
Petron BPI Card
Fuel Purchases and Auto Services
  • 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations nationwide
  • Free ₱200 fuel voucher for first-time cardholders

Source: [1] Security Bank Facebook page

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