How to Apply for a Citi Platinum Card


Published on: September 13, 2013 Last updated: June 15, 2020

Apply for a Citi Platinum Card
If you are thinking of getting the Platinum Card from Citibank through online application, read on to find out your eligibility and documents needed to apply.

Am I Eligible to Apply for the Citi Platinum Card?

If you can fulfill the criteria listed below, the Citi Platinum Card can be yours:

  • At least 21 years old or above
  • Residing in the Philippines and has a valid Philippine billing address
  • The annual income must be P1,000,000 or above
  • Have a Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS/GSIS No.
  • Have a postpaid landline or a postpaid mobile device

Still Lining up at the Counter? Just Apply Online

Applying online for the Citi Platinum Card will take only about 15 minutes or less. The Citi Platinum Card is open to both Filipinos and non-Filipino citizens. Applicants need to fill out the following information on their online application form[1].

  • Personal information
  • Employment/Financial information
  • Other credit card information

Once the online application form is completed, it’s time to prepare the necessary documents to earn the approval for your credit card!

Prepare Your Documents and Save Yourself from Troubles

When it comes to Citi credit card application like for Simplicity+ Card or Citi Rewards Card, some of us will frown and sigh at the document submission process. The submission of incomplete or missing documents will lead to the rejection of the applications. Let’s have a closer look at the documents required for the application of Citi Platinum Card!

  • Photocopy of any two (2) valid IDs with photo and signature
  • SSS Photocard
  • TIN ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Company ID
  • Proof of income

Don’t Miss out these Documents if You are Employed!

At the same time, if the applicants are employed, they must submit any 2 of the following documents:

  • Latest Income tax return (ITR) duly stamped as received by the BIR
  • W2 (BIR Form 2316)
  • Latest payslip (within last 3 months)
  • Original Certificate of Employment
  • Photocopy of your most recent credit card billing statement from other banks (if any)

Watch out if you are Self-Employed!

Meanwhile, for those who are self-employed, the documents to be submitted vary according to their asset values.

Assets greater than P15MillionAssets less than P15Million
They are required to submit all the documents:

  • Latest Audited Financial Statement (AFS) with BIR or bank stamp
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with BIR or bank stamp (2 pages)
They are only required to submit one of the following documents:

  • Latest Audited Financial Statement (AFS) duly stamped as received by the BIR
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) duly stamped as received by the BIR
  • Photocopy of their most recent credit card billing statement from other banks

Crucial Documents for Non-Filipino Applicants

Apart from the basic documents mentioned above, non-Filipino applicants have to submit any one of the following documents as well:

  • VISA and Working Permit (with validity of 1 year and not expired at time of application)
  • Immigration Certificate of Residence (ICR)
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR – iCard type with permanent status)

The Annual Membership Fee of Citi Platinum Card!

The annual fee of the Citi Platinum Card is P5,000. Meanwhile, the first supplementary card will be waived from the annual fee for life! The second and onward supplementary cards will cost P2,500 for the annual fee.

Right now, we can apply for the Citi PremierMiles and get another supplementary card for our loved one then try to ask for a free annual fee through Citi’s customer service hotline.
Citibank Credit Card Application


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