Citi Credit Card Application: An Easy 5-Step Guide


Published on: March 18, 2020 Last updated: October 21, 2020

Citi Credit Card Application Guide | Moneymax

Citibank is known for its fast credit card approval and delivery time. It takes only one to two weeks to get approved for a Citibank credit card online and a few days to receive your new card.

In contrast, other banks make you wait for a month or longer to process your application, and another one to two weeks to deliver the card.

Citibank also has one of the easiest credit card application systems in the Philippines. You can do a walk-in application at a Citibank branch or deal with a credit card agent. However, the simplest and most convenient way to apply for a Citibank credit card is by doing it online.

Here are the steps to a Citi credit card application online.

Citi Credit Card Application Guide - How to Apply for a Citi Credit Card Online

1. Ensure you’re eligible for a Citi credit card

You can apply for a Citi credit card if you meet these minimum requirements:

  • Age 21 or older
  • An annual income of at least PHP 180,000 for existing cardholders or at least PHP 250,000 for first-time credit card applicants
  • An active landline or mobile phone number
  • A valid TIN or SSS/GSIS number

Citibank will accept your Citi credit card application even if you don’t have a deposit account with the bank.

2. Prepare the required documents

Only a valid government ID is needed for your Citibank credit card application if you have a credit card, whether with Citibank or another bank.

If you don’t have a credit card yet, you need to submit these documents:

  • Valid government ID
  • Payslip or income tax return
  • Certificate of employment (with signature)
  • Bank statement of your payroll account that shows your one-month salary

Scan or take photos of these Citibank credit card requirements. You’ll have to upload the images later when you apply for a Citi credit card online.

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3. Choose the right Citibank credit card for you

Citibank offers seven credit card types that fit different budgets and spending habits:

Compare the benefits, rewards, annual fees, interest rates, and other features of these Citibank credit cards so that you’ll know which one suits you best. You can the Moneymax credit card comparison tool to save time in choosing the perfect Citi credit card for you.

4. Fill out the online Citi credit card application form

Once you’ve decided on the Citi credit card to apply for and have all the requirements ready, you can proceed with the online application.

How to apply for a Citibank credit card online:

  1. Visit the online credit card application page[1].
  2. Click the “Apply Now” button next to your chosen Citi credit card. This will take you to the online application form for Citibank credit cards.
  3. Tick the appropriate responses to the questions from Citibank (“Do you have a principal credit card with another bank?”)
  4. Fill out the Citi credit card application form. You’ll be asked to provide your contact details, personal information, and employment data.

Concerned about the security of your personal data online? Worry not because Citibank uses 256-bit encryption[2] for its online facility. This makes it hard for hackers to access your sensitive data.

When you’ve completed the form, you’ll get your qualification result online based on your responses. Citibank will let you know right away whether you can or cannot go ahead with the next step of your credit card application process.

5. Submit your supporting documents

If you’re qualified for a Citibank credit card, the next step is to upload the images of your income documents on Citi’s online application facility.

When you’re done, all you have to do is to wait for five to seven banking days for Citibank to verify the documents you’ve sent and to approve your application. You’ll receive your Citi credit card in around four days.

While waiting, you can check Citibank credit card application status by following these steps:

  1. Call the Citibank credit card customer care hotline: 995 9999.
  2. Press *2.
  3. Press 1.
  4. Key in your application ID or TIN.
  5. Press #.

Final Thoughts

Applying for a Citibank credit card is fast and easy as long as you meet all requirements and follow the Citi credit card application steps correctly. Good luck and use your credit card wisely!

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