Book Your Trip With These Agoda Credit Card Promos



Last updated April 05, 2017

Book your trip with Agoda Credit card promos

There are a lot of travel destinations where you can spend the long weekend together with your family and friends.

You can definitely find great deals to lessen the expense of the trip by using promos with your credit cards. One website where you can compare is at Here are Agoda promos that you can surely use for a travel junkie like you!

Hong Kong Boat

Citibank Credit Cards

Get up to 7% off using Citibank Credit Cards. Get more details on how to get Agoda promos by visiting their site[1].

Citi Credit Card

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RCBC Credit Cards

Get to stay at hotels with discounts using RCBC credit cards. Enjoy up to 7% off sitewide from September 15, 2019, to September 15, 2020.

You can avail for up to 10% off by checking their promo mechanics[2].

RCBC credit card


HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC has partnered with Agoda to provide travelers with discounts all year round. You can avail this promo by going to their promo page[3].

HSBC credit card

sydney opera house

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BDO Credit Cards

Use your BDO Credit Card to book your next destination. They have various promos[4] for their different credit card lines.

BDO credit card

Are you missing out on credit card promos because you don't have one yet? Compare credit card options with so you can get the best choice for your travel needs. 


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