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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance

This page answers some frequently asked questions about car insurance in the Philippines. If you were looking for our general website FAQ, please visit the FAQ page.


Why do I need car insurance?
There are various reasons as to why car owners and drivers are required to have car insurance
Why are car insurance premiums more expensive for younger drivers?
A major part of insurance of any kind is risk assessment; the more likely you are to make an insurance claim
Why are some cars more costly to insure than others?
The simple fact is that cars are not considered equal. Certain cars are more expensive
What details do I need to provide a quote?
When applying for car insurance


What is compulsory third party liability insurance?
Compulsory Third party Liability (CTPL) Insurance is a state requirement that imposes that all vehicles must be covered against liability for death and bodily injury to third parties before registration and operation.
How do insurers decide to total my car?
A totalled car is a car that is considered to be beyond repair. In insurance terms
What is comprehensive insurance?
Comprehensive insurance is an insurance policy that covers almost everything: collision
Should I buy medical payment coverage if I have health insurance?
It certainly would not hurt. Medical payment coverage covers all medical expenses to all involved parties in an automobile accident
What happens if an uninsured driver hits me?
If hit by an uninsured motorist

Car Insurance Claim

How do I make a claim?
When making a claim, presenting certain documents is required. These include photocopy of the car insurance policy, official receipt of policy, certificate of registration of the covered vehicle, official receipt of registration, photocopy of driver's license and receipt, stencil of motor number and serial number, police report or affidavit of incident (notarized), repair estimate, pictures of the damage, certificate of no claim of third party vehicles, carnapping report (if that is the case), whereabouts of insured unit and any documentation involving medical transactions.
What is an excess?
Excess is the first part of the claim that the insured shoulders. For example

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