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Comprehensive Car Insurance in the Philippines

Third party insurance does not cover the costs to repair the damage on your car. However, comprehensive car insurance will give you the piece of mind and can be customized to the extend that everything in and around your vehicle is covered.

Common Coverage Inclusions

Let's go over the common comprehensive coverage offers available in the Philippines. We grouped them according to how frequently they appear on the policy schedule.

Own Damage / Theft

This is the most common feature. It carries a deductible which needs to be paid per car insurance claim. It covers damages to the car, loss of the car, and damage or loss to declared accessories and spare parts due to:

Car napping or robberyIn case the vehicle is totally lost, the insured will be entitled to claim up to the Fair Market Value of the stolen vehicle. This value is computed by the insurance companies. This is based on the value of your car less the value of depreciation.
Vandalism, theft of parts, or any related criminal actsThis is for instances where the car loses a part or parts of it. A computation of the Fair Market Value of the lost parts is also done. In cases where the value of replacing the part is not more than the value of the deductible, the insured shoulders the full cost.
Damages while drivingThis is when your vehicle suffers damages while in transit, like hitting an electric post, the gutter or another vehicle. Whatever damage caused to your car by normal and legal driving will be covered.
Fire, or external explosionWhen the car catches fire coming from the outside, or caused by self-ignition.
Damage while in transitDamage done to the vehicle or its parts while being transported either by rail, lift, etc.

This does not cover:

  1. Items that are inside the car that have been stolen or damaged.
  2. Damages caused by natural disasters or factors such as trees falling, or earth cracking open.
Bodily Injury or Voluntary Third Party Liability (VTPL)

The Compulsory Third Party Liability car insurance (CTPL) is usually quite cheap but only covers injuries or deaths of third parties. It is required by law to have a CTPL policy in the Philippines though it does not cover the damages of the insured vehicle and the driver, and any damages if you hit another car.

Property Damage or Voluntary Third Party Liability (VTPL)

This covers damages to third party property caused by the normal and legal operations of your automobile. This means you are covered if you get into an accident and damage someone else's car, assuming you are legally allowed to drive the car (i.e. have a valid drivers license). All comprehensive insurance policies cover property damages,

Auto Personal Accident (Auto PA)

The personal accident cover often comes as a free add-on to your comprehensive car insurance. It provides your loved ones or even just other passengers with financial aid in the event of injuries, disablement, or death caused by accidents.

Acts of Nature (also known as "Acts of God")

Protection against Acts of Nature is one of the most important aspects of a comprehensive car insurance in the Philippines. It became increasingly popular after typhoon Ondoy destroyed many cars in the country. Since then, almost every comprehensive car insurance policy includes such protection. It protects your from any damages caused by natural catastrophes, earthquakes, fire or even animal contact. However, it's important to read the fine print or to ask your comparison adviser about the inclusions and exclusions of your Acts of Nature cover. Not all policies include e.g. a flood cover, which is what most car owners are looking for in the Philippines. Don't even think twice about adding this to your car insurance policy!

Coverage Add-Ons

The basic comprehensive inclusion serves the needs of most motorists. However, there are special circumstances that may require a little more coverage. Here are other optional add-ons to the comprehensive insurance package. Not all companies offer these and at the exact variation.

Loss of UseThis will reimburse the insured the transportation expenses incurred due to not being able to use the vehicle while it is being repaired. Some companies even offer temporary transport service during this period.
Roadside AssistanceWhen your car breaks down on the road, there are certain services offered by different providers. This coverage may include one, all or any combination of towing service, road side repairs and fuel delivery. Some insurance companies even provide hotel accommodations during certain incidents.

Other companies may offer more add-ons such as covers for valuables inside the car, covers for upgrade parts, and more. At the end of the day, you must consider which is necessary for your car, your lifestyle, and your budget. While more coverage means more security, consider your risk factors basing on the way you drive or the places you often go to. Consider also the level of risk of the parking spots you frequent and your home before you decide to go beyond what's offered by comprehensive car insurance.

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