The People in Your Car and the Roles You Play

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated September 11, 2015

People in Your Car

Everyone plays a certain role in a car, whether you’re driving around in the city, or heading out of town on a road trip. As the driver, you are generally responsible for their safety. Your passengers, on the other hand, well… That’s a different case entirely.

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In a car that usually fits four other people apart from the driver, hi-jinks tend to ensue. Here’s a look at the people in your car and the roles you play:

People in Your Car Infographic

The People in Your Car (and the Roles You Play)

You are the driver, the master and commander of this land-ship of a car. Your passengers (usually numbering up to four, for a sedan) are your crew. Everyone plays a role regardless of the length of the ride.

The Driver

The driver has a particular set of skills all his own, and is charged with making sure you all get to your destination safely. As the driver's primary focus is driving and the road, they can't really participate in any shenanigans, so try not to bug them too much.


    • Drive (defensively when necessary)
    • Focus on the road
    • Park (like a boss)
    • Try not to hit anyone in traffic



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"Shotgun"/Passenger Seat

The person riding "shotgun" is charged with keeping people in the back seat in line, and assisting the driver as necessary. This person is also usually the one keeping an eye out for hazards to the sides and front of the car.


    • DJ (mad skills optional)
    • Secondary Driver
    • Primary Navigator (Waze and Google Maps required)
    • Makes sure that the driver doesn't fall asleep



Back Seat

People in the back seat take on roles that neither people in the front seats can take, usually regarding hazards behind the car.


    • Secondary DJ (Spotify game must be on point)
    • Tertiary Driver
    • Observer (landmarks to destination, potential hazards from behind)
    • Entertainment (the one who falls asleep, much to the amusement of everyone else)
    • The one who asks "do we have everything"/"did we forget anyone"



It's the responsibility of everyone in the car to observe and possibly prevent an accident from happening. In the event that one should occur, a car insurance policy can cover most damage to a car, and any injuries you may sustain. Still, that doesn't mean you can't have fun in the roles that you fill.

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