Scary Car Stories to Tell On Halloween
In the spirit of Halloween, scary stories must be told. While most stories told during Halloween usually revolve around strange occurrences around one’s home, or when one is out in the middle of the night, there are also stories that involve cars.

Anyone who’s ever watch Final Destination will have developed a momentary fear of driving on the freeway, and the darkened provincial roads always induce that little tingle in the back of your neck. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also the matter of actually haunted cars like in Christine. Still, here are some of scary car stories you can tell your car buff friends on Halloween.

The lonely road

I was driving up to Batangas with some friends back in ‘09, and it was mostly our fault for leaving so late, but we were well on our way. A couple of my friends happened to be ‘gifted’, and were all sitting in the back.

The roads to the house we’d rented weren’t paved yet, so it was largely bumpy and weren’t lit well at all. We passed a few houses, and a bridge. It was after the bridge that things got a little weird, because I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. One of my friends in the back spoke up and said ‘Don’t stop driving. We’re being followed.’ There were no other cars around, and we’d driven quite a stretch without anything else around other than trees.

I asked if they were seeing something, but they kept their gazes forward, and one of them said ‘yeah, but keep going, we can’t stop here, and don’t drive too fast.’ I’d been friends with these people since high school so I trusted them when they said stuff like that.

I might’ve stepped on the gas a little, and suddenly this rock came out of nowhere – about as big as a kid’s fist. It hit the driver’s side windshield, and I braked. Thankfully, the rock didn’t do any damage and after I checked on everyone, we were on our way.

Everyone was thoroughly creeped out the rest of the way, and when we got to the house we rented, the caretaker told us why the area past the bridge was a little creepy – apparently a car driving too fast hit a rock, skidded off the road and into the ravine. The ghosts that haunt it will throw a rock at cars that speed up in order to make them slow down.

We lit a candle and said a little prayer for the souls after that.”

– Miko, 28, still drives up there with his friends

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It came from the carpark

This isn’t so much a ghost story as it is a lesson in making sure you’ve got your car in top condition. But then, that car was always so… creepy.

There was this car parked in the basement of the building where I used to work. It was always there, no matter what time, no matter what day. The basement being the exit to the smoking area, we’d pass by the car all the time. Over the course of the next couple of years, it went from pristine, to dirty, like the owner didn’t care or something.

The worst it got was one night – I can’t actually remember if it WAS Halloween, but it was a pretty creepy night all around. We get off the elevator and all the lights near that car are flickering. Next thing we know, the car gives this groan, and weird fluid leaks out of the car.

We hear a scream, and as it turns out, the car owner was very much a live and now swearing up a storm because of the fluid leaking out of his car.

– Ian, 29, who hopes that the owner’s car insurance covered whatever happened to it.

The Corner of Balete Drive

This one happened during Milenyo some years ago. There was zero electricity almost everywhere, and things were super chaotic. I was living with my aunt in San Juan, and we decided to eat out, since the blackout was pretty persistent.

So we were headed to Quezon City, and we were cutting through Balete Drive – obviously that was going to be a thing, making jokes about the fact, and that maybe we’d see something.

We were laughing about it, but by the time we hit Aurora Boulevard, and when we turned into Balete Drive, we saw a nun dressed in black. Now, this was in a storm, and the nun had no umbrella, and she was dry as a bone.
My uncle gunned the engine and kept honking as we went down the street, mostly because that was a legitimately frightening thing to have happen during a storm.

– Kyle, 24, only a little freaked out by it still.

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Final thoughts

Stories that are meant to be a bit scary don’t always mean being 100% based in the supernatural. Some stories are scary in the fact that that it could happen to anyone at any time. Still, scary car stories like these freaky enough to tell and either get a few screams or laughs out of.