Should I Attend Driving School?

by Venus Zoleta, on category "Car Insurance"

September 12, 2018


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Let’s cut to the chase: Yes, you should enroll in a driving school—even if it costs money.
Consider how much more you’ll spend when you figure in a road accident because you lack proper training as a driver, something that a good driving school can provide.
You might be thinking: “But my dad can teach me how to drive—and it’s free!” Well yes, you can learn driving that way. However, nothing compares to getting a quality driver’s education from professional instructors.
Here are seven reasons why attending a driving school in the Philippines is well worth your penny.

1. Learn from Certified Professionals

Certified Driving Trainer

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Some driving schools hire professional instructors certified by TESDA and accredited by the LTO. Soon, a TESDA certification will be a requirement for all driving school trainers in the Philippines before they’re issued an LTO accreditation.
When you’re trained by a certified driving instructor, you learn from someone with experience and both theoretical and practical knowledge. While a family member or a friend can teach you how to drive at no cost, you’ll only learn the basics. Teaching the more technical driving skills like controlling the pedals is better handled by experts.

2. Get Structured Driving School Training

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Learning how to drive a car is much different from learning how to bike. For one, a car is a very complex machine compared to a bike with just two wheels, pedals, and a handlebar. Also, you can learn biking pretty much on your own. That isn’t the case with driving a vehicle.
The nitty-gritty of driving is best learned through a structured and systematic method—something that a driving school can provide. Instructors follow a curriculum that covers both practical and theoretical driving situations. This way, it’s easier for you to understand the essentials of driving a vehicle.
More so, training across all driving schools in the Philippines will become standardized. In May 2018, the LTO began coordinating with different academies to come up with a standard training program that all of them will adopt. The government agency wants the extensive training program to cover key topics like basic vehicle troubleshooting and traffic rules and regulations.

3. Reduce Your Risk of Getting Into an Accident

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Human error is the top cause of road accidents in Metro Manila. Undergoing driver’s training in a formal institution helps you develop defensive driving skills and avoid deadly mistakes. Road awareness is one of those critical skills to learn, as it lets you understand what situations can cause an accident and know what to do before it happens.
Attending a driving school is also a good way to learn road safety and traffic laws and how to read traffic signs properly. Not only do you prevent accidents from happening, but you also avoid violating traffic rules and the hassles that come with it.
If you’re trained by your family or friend, chances are the person may misinterpret traffic rules and laws.
Lastly, practicing with a driving instructor is a lot safer than learning how to drive alone. You don’t want to risk your life and limb practicing on your own just to save money on driving school fees.
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4. Learn Car Maintenance

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First-time car owners are usually clueless about taking care of their new four-wheeled baby. What should you check before taking the car out for a drive? How often should you change oil? How can you tell if there’s an engine issue?
These questions and more are discussed in formal driving lessons. Driving school training includes modules on vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting to help you ensure your car won’t encounter problems on the road.

5. Prevent Damage to Your New Car

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Driving schools provide their own training vehicles that students can use to practice driving. Your spanking brand-new car won’t get scratches and dents while you’re learning as a new driver.

6. Get Help for Your Driver’s License Application

Driver's License Application Instagram photo by @aprilsausa06

One valuable advantage of attending a driving school is the assistance you get when you apply for a driver’s license.
Most driving schools lend their vehicles to their students who are taking a practical driving exam at the LTO office. No need to bring your own car or rent an LTO vehicle for your exam.
Also, academies like A1 Driving School offer licensing assistance for student permit and driver’s license as part of its services.

7. Gain Confidence on the Road

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Confidence is a must-have for any driver. Without it, you’re bound to freeze up, hesitate, or make erratic decisions that can lead to accidents.
Your training in a driving school helps you stay confident in any driving situation. You get advice on what to do during emergencies like a car breakdown. Being trained professionally also adds to a driver’s confidence.

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Final Thoughts

The benefits of taking lessons in a driving school outweigh its drawback, which is the cost. Yes, you might save more bucks when you learn on your own or with a family or friend. But protecting your life, as well as your family’s, is something you should never scrimp on.
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