Philam Life Money Tree: What Funds Can I Invest in?

Published: August 3, 2013 | Updated: July 21, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Personal Finance

It’s never too late to start investing and one will never get too old to invest. It doesn’t matter whether you are a defensive, conservative or aggressive investor, the Philam Life Money Tree can always adjust to your risk appetite by offering different types of funds within its portfolio. Read on to know more about it.

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What Should I Consider When It Comes to Investing?

An appropriate risk assessment is very critical to the success of your financial plan. In making an investment decision, there are 3 important factors that you must give proper consideration to – the risk, return and liquidity (refers to how easy you can convert your investment to cash).

The return of investment is generally proportional to the risks attached to it. In other words, the higher the risk , the higher the reward you may have in return. Meanwhile, the liquidity varies among the instrument vehicles, but unquestionably the liquidity of a long-term investment product is considerably lower than that of a short-term investment instrument. At the same time, investors have to be aware of the minimum holding period and the early withdrawal fees that may apply.

What Kind of Investor Am I?

If you wish to know what type of investor are you but you are reluctant to pay the consultation fees, you can take some online investment risk-tolerance quizzes[1] to know yourself better. Generally, these quizzes make suggestions from your personality as an investor based on your investment objectives and experience, time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial situation.

What funds can I invest in through The Philam Life Money Tree?

Have you found out what kind of investor you are? Are you one of those conservative or aggressive investors? Perhaps you are neither defensive nor adventurous but a balanced investor? If you already have the answer, let’s find out which type of fund suit you the most!

1. The PAMI Philam Bond Fund

    • This fund’s portfolio comprises government securities and high-grade commercial papers.
    • At the same time, the investment focus of the fund is capital preservation.
    • The investments in the fixed-income instruments within the fund are expected to give higher earnings in comparison to the traditional fixed-income savings products.
    • Since the PAMI Philam Bond Fund possesses the lowest risks among the three funds,    it is suitable for conservative investors.

2. The PAMI Philam Fund

    • The fund’s portfolio is a healthy balance between blue-chip stocks and fixed income instruments which give the investors a steady stream of interest income.
    • If you wish to take advantage of the profit opportunities of the stock market, but at the same not totally comfortable with the risks attached to investing in the equity securities, this is the ideal investment instrument that you are looking for.

3. The PAMI Philam Strategic Growth Fund

    • If you are an aggressive investor, please highlight this investment instrument as you would not want to miss out on such an attractive fund, which has been the most successful fund, and yet the most volatile and susceptible to the changes in the market.
    • This fund focuses on long-term capital growth through investments in equity securities that are listed or soon to be listed issues in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
    • It is the ideal fund for people who are after the capital growth but lacking of the expertise or the resources to manage a highly diversified equity portfolio.

With a single premium investment of just P125,000 or more, apart from enjoying the attracting returns from your investments in the Philam Life Money Tree, you can also enjoy other benefits. If you wish to know more about the advantages of investing in the Philam Life Money Tree, please proceed to the next article!

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