Summer is here! After experiencing two full months of cold days and freezing nights in the Philippines, who’s not excited to hit the beach and bathe under the scorching sun? While almost everyone is busy calling their friends and planning vacation itineraries, it’s not that simple for everyone to commit to an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip. Who doesn’t need money for fun?

Students get the biggest slice of the pie when it comes to having a longer summer. However, students are also the ones who have minimal financial capacity because there’s no source of income. Asking mom or dad to fund an eco-trip to the Underground River in Palawan or a sleepless weekend in Boracay might happen unless your parents have already entrusted you with a supplementary credit card. But that’s just one weekend out of at least two and a half months of summer vacation if your next school year will start in June.

What can you do to survive the summer season without cash?

Get a summer job

Getting a summer job will not only help fund your much-awaited weekend in paradise. It will also give you an edge in terms of learning how to survive in the real world. Leveraging your skills while you are young is a great step to building the groundwork for your career. Ask around for any vacancies. Spend a few hours searching the web, but make sure you invest on a stable broadband connection especially if you’re looking at a freelance job.

Sell your old stuff

Turn those dusty items in your room into instant cash. There are a lot of avenues where you can sell the things you no longer use. You can join bazaars, set up your own garage sale, or post items in online marketplaces such as Facebook, Instagram, or OLX. Make sure that your items are still in great condition. You can sell items that you no longer use.

Set up a small business in your neighborhood

Do you know how to cook or bake? Do you possess excellent skills and talents that you can share with the kids in your community?

Perhaps, you can establish a small halo-halo stall, a mini snack bar, guitar or piano lessons, reading or art workshops, or any tutorial class that you know you can pull off.

Lessen out-of-town trips and do more house parties

With your parents’ consent, you can invite a small group of friends over. It can be a barbecue party, a Cluedo game, or a potluck with a few beers and cocktails (if you’re at least 18 years old) with friends. You just need a small budget, and you can have a fun summer night right in the comfort of your home. You can also suggest a house party rotation to your friends.

Make it a family affair

You can talk to your mom and dad about a family vacation. Not only is it going to be free for you, it’s a great opportunity to have quality time with your folks. Suggest travel destinations that they will be interested in visiting, too.

Present your idea like you are proposing a business to a potential client. Do the budgeting and planning as a family, and one way or another, you’ll get that vacation you deserve.

Final Thoughts

Having a fun-filled summer is your choice, but you’ll have to go the extra mile if you don’t have enough savings. Make yourself busy this season. Use your skills so you won’t have to ask for money from your parents. Be creative with money-making and make this year’s summer break count!
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