Friday night on a budget
After a stressful week of work…Finally, Friday. You can still enjoy a Friday night with friends even if you don’t have enough funds for it or it’s not #PaydayFriday just yet. Count the ways:

Don’t stay late at work.

If you prepare for work, prepare also for your Friday night happenings. Start your day right, do what you have to do within the day and finish everything as efficient as possible. If you leave early at work, you don’t have to worry on commuting in your work jungle. Also, less expensive as you don’t have to rush and take a cab. Nothing important can happen before Monday anyway so clean your desk in your mind, and enjoy your Friday night!

Arrange a house party if possible.

If you have a place, it’s much cheaper and more comfortable at someone’s home. You don’t have to worry that much on your alcoholic behavior, plus food and drinks are more likely to be much cheaper compared to the bars and restos. It’s also pretty laidback because you can relax better, vomiting is not so much of an issue, no one will judge you on public display of affections. And the best part is that you can stay late at night or even until the morning without worrying on the bill and going home while you’re drunk.

But if not possible, be wise on your location.

Since you should be researching on your Friday getaway ahead, you should find the best deals and promos in your area for better value for your hard-earned money. Look for deals from deal sites, discounts and group promos, and drink oreat-all-you-can’s. You can find all of these in just few clicks in your browser.

Take dinner first.

If you’re really on a tight budget but been wanting to go this Friday, take your dinner first whether at home or in a more affordable place compared to your go-to bar. Save money for food by ordering cheaper chips and focus on the company of your friends and being drunk tonight.

Share costs.

It’s only here in the Philippines where you can always here “Libre ka naman!” over buying new shoes to new house (which doesn’t make sense because you just splurged),moving jobs
(especially first jobs), salary increase (first increase goes to that Friday night) and many more. It should be a practice among friends to share costs on their dine-outs most especially if you know you share the same battles in life. No pressure!

Don’t get wasted drunk.

When you get so drunk, the tendency is to be reckless on what you’re doing. There is a big possibility of buying your peers more drink, or order for more food, give them money, swipe your credit card as if it’s unlimited and a lot more. But at the end of the night, your friends are going to bring you to a cab and let you pay for it.

Enjoy your Friday evening with your friends without giving your pocket a heartache.