10 Awesome Ideas to Maximize Your Christmas Gift Budget

November 9, 2017 | Posted by: Moneymax | Personal Finance

November 9, 2017

Shopping season is on full swing since September. We know you want to find the best gifts to make your loved ones feel special. However, you might be worried about spending too much money. Hence, we will show you how you can maximize your gift budget and the joy of giving this season.

Here are 10 ways to save money before Christmas day:

1. Create a Christmas gift list

It may sound simple but this task can save you a lot of money because it will eliminate impromptu shopping for people you do not intend on giving a gift to. We all have a lot of friends, business contacts, and acquaintances that deserve a gift but it is through prioritization and planning that we can allocate our finances properly.

Check your Christmas gift list before going to the mall. For those who already have one, here are some questions to ask before heading out and buying gifts:

  • Do I really need to give this person a gift?
  • Can I trim down my budget for this person’s gift?
  • If these people belong to the same social circle, can I give them a collective gift so it will save me money?

2. Re-gift items you did not use

Re-gifting is the process of giving a gift you received to someone who would like it better or would benefit from it. If you usually receive gifts that you cannot find a use for, re-gift them to people you will meet after the holidays.

A few things to remember are:

  • Make sure that the gift you will pass on fits the personality of the receiver.
  • Do not re-gift items in the same social circle to avoid conflict in the group.
  • Only re-gift items that have not been opened and looks brand new.

3. Make DIY gifts for a more personal touch

If you’re a crafty person, you can use your skills to make affordable gifts that do not look cheap. Some gift ideas that you can make are:

4. Ask for utility items as Christmas gifts

You can get the best out of your exchange gifts if you ask for everyday items that you can use. This is a utilitarian way of reducing your expenses and still getting a gift you need for the holiday season.
Some of the items you can ask for are:

  • Prepaid cellphone load
  • Household items
  • Personal hygiene items

5. Get creative with gift wrapping

You can use magazine pages or newspapers to wrap your Christmas gifts. This can save you a lot if you’re planning to give plenty of gifts this season.

Here are ideas on how you can use magazine pages as gift wrappers:

6. Give the gift of personal service

You can also save money by giving services as gifts. This can be free massages, free babysitting, or a free car wash service for your loved one. That would mean a lot to them and can also give you more reasons to bond.

7. Use reward points

If you have unused gift certificates or reward points in your credit card or loyalty cards such as SM Advantage, Mercury Drug Suki Card, or Laking National, you can use them to buy gifts without any cost.
Some examples of gifts you can get are:

  • Special freebies when you shop at SM using your SM Advantage Card
  • Getting a 2017 planner when you hit 30 points with your Mercury Drug Suki Card
  • Getting free items with your Laking National Card

8. Look out for last minute sale events

Last-minute sales are a great way to score 40% off up to 70%. There are a lot of Christmas sales that can help you save money this season.

  • HMR Warehouse Sale
  • SM Megamall Sale
  • Bloggers United
  • Warehouse Sales of big brands such as Fully Booked and Tretorn

9. Sell pre-loved items to get extra cash

There are a lot of online portals where you can set up an online shop to sell your pre-loved stuff:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TipidCP
  • OLX.ph
  • Carousell

10. Organize affordable yet fun Christmas get-togethers

You can organize activities everyone will enjoy yet not break your bank. Some activities that are budget-friendly and enjoyable are:

  • Potluck
  • Board game night
  • Day trip to the nearest beach
  • Movie day
  • Christmas picnic

Final Thoughts

One does not need a lot of money to make the Christmas season special. Be creative and remember that this is more about spending time with your loved ones and having gratitude for all the great opportunities you received this year.

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