7 Romantic Gift Ideas for P500 or Less

by Moneymax, on category "Personal Finance"

February 14, 2019

Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day | Moneymax

It’s that time of the year again. People are holding hands more often than usual; your social media is filled with pictures of your couple friends expressing their love for each other; restaurants are filling up with dinner reservations. *sigh* It’s definitely Valentine’s Day.

Most couples go all out on this day and spend more than the necessary amount of money. However, if you’re the kind who wants to make their partners feel special without going beyond budget, then this list is for you.

Check out our list of seven romantic gift ideas for PHP 500 or less!


Create something that’s inspired by your partner. If you’re an artist, a portrait of your special someone will do the trick. You can also come up with a scrapbook of your relationship. Add photos, quotes, and tickets/souvenirs from your travels. Your special someone will definitely love this idea.

Price: PHP 300 to PHP 400 for the materials. Free if you recycle and have a printer at home.

A potted plant

Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Photo from @smartyplantsph

Flowers are overrated. Get your special someone a plant in a pot that he or she can display at home or at the office. Succulents are great romantic gift ideas, too. Make sure to pick one that your partner would like and can actually take care of.

Price: PHP 250 to PHP 350

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Slideshow or video montage

Compile pictures and videos and create a video to tell the story of your relationship. Now, this is cheesy, but remember, this is the only time of the year when ‘cheesy’ is widely acceptable. A lot of people do this, and there’s a reason why it’s popular – it’s effective. Just be sure to include a personal twist so you and your partner can truly call the slideshow or video your own.

Price: Free (as long as you have the right software and basic know-how)

Journal and craft materials

Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Photo from @commonroomph

Does your partner love journaling or doodling on paper? Get him/her a journal or craft materials. What’s great is that you can enjoy these materials together. Create a scrapbook for your travels, do calligraphy, or draw each other. The ideas are endless!

Price: PHP 300 to PHP 500 depending on the materials you buy. Check out Common Room for affordable and locally-sourced journals, stickers, and art materials.

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A flash drive full of music

Surprise your partner with a modern mixtape. Give a USB flash drive with songs of his/her favorite artists or songs you think your special someone will like. Apart from being sweet, your loved one can put the personalized playlist in his/her phone or computer. Gift wrap the flash drive and add chocolates or a letter for a more customized touch.

Price: PHP 300 (for an 8GB USB and lots of hours of searching and downloading songs)

A rare Booksale find

Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Photo from @booksactually

Booksale branches usually have unheard of prices for books. There was an instance when a first edition “Lord of the Flies” was seen in their shelves sporting a price tag of PHP 15. Whether that’s a reflection of how the classics are appreciated these days is a separate discussion. If your partner is an avid reader, then he’ll definitely appreciate you digging for a book that is hard to find at a ridiculously low price. That alone makes this one of the best romantic gift ideas.

Price: PHP 10 to PHP 300 (depending on what you find or the book your partner likes)

DIY coupons

  • “Free back massage”
  • “A home-cooked meal from yours truly”
  • “A weekend date – non-refundable”

Wouldn’t it be great to receive an envelope of personalized coupons from your partner? This shows that your special someone put you first and thought of concrete ways on how to make you feel happy and special throughout the year. You can even put a twist in the gift and create coupons that are particular to your relationship. If you two are health buffs, you can create a “Fitness Date Day” coupon where you can partake in one another’s favorite sports. If you’re travel enthusiasts, you can make a “Personalized Itinerary” coupon which entails that you will do all the planning for an upcoming couple trip. This adds a personalized twist to the gift and will be sure to get a good laugh out of your partner.

Price: Free, all you need is your creativity *wink*

Final Thoughts

Seven romantic gift ideas. Choose one and have an unforgettable Valentine’s week for you and your partner. Remember, it’s all about what the gift signifies, not the cost.