13 Must-Have Phone Accessories to Improve Your Mobile Experience

Ricky Publico

Ricky Publico

Last updated December 20, 2021

Sometimes, having a cool or expensive smartphone isn’t enough. After all, not everything comes with the box. You still need phone accessories to fully maximize the value of your smartphone. Luckily, finding them won’t be a hopeless task. Here are some fine examples of phone accessories you should have. Because hey, you deserve it.

Must-Have Phone Accessories Under PHP 500

Mcdodo CA-4900 Type-C Cable (1.5m)

Phone Accessories - Mcdodo Type C cable

Price: PHP 281.71

Available at: Lazada[1]

If your phone doesn’t have wireless charging, you can still enjoy phone accessories like the Mcdodo CA-4900 Type-C cable. If you’re fond of using your phone while charging, get yourself a charging cable that won’t get in your way. It’s also a lengthy charging cable so you can comfortably finish a Mobile Legends match on the sofa while your phone charges away.

UGreen Type-C to 3.5mm Earphone Jack

Phone Accessories - UGreen headphone jack

Price: PHP 179

Available at: Lazada[2]

Phone makers may have removed the headphone jack, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your wired headsets. You can still enjoy them thanks to nifty phone accessories like the UGreen Type-C earphone jack. This one’s a no-brainer—just plug it in your phone’s charging port, plug in your headset on the other end, and enjoy. Everything doesn’t have to be wireless.

Fandom Feels PH Accessories

Phone Accessories - popsockets

Photo from @fandomfeelsph

Price: Starts at PHP 199

Available at: Fandom Feels PH partner stores[3]

Phone popsockets, so hot right now. Get them and more when you check out Fandom Feels PH’s geeky phone accessories. They have popsockets, stickers, and other pop culture goodness you can add to all your gadgets. From clever one-liners to fandom-heavy designs, there’s no shortage of dullness when you pick up a Fandom Feels PH original.

Must-Have Phone Accessories Under PHP 1,000

Spigen Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

Phone Accessories - Spigen

Price: Starts at PHP 800

Available at: Spigen shops nationwide

If you’re in the market for a rugged phone case, go to your nearest Spigen shop or kiosk. More often than not, they offer one of the most durable cases for your specific phone model. They also have tempered glass screen protectors for that extra oomph of durability. No need to worry about cracked screens and accidental damage when you equip yourself with Spigen.

Devilcase Phone Cases and Skins

Phone Accessories - Devilcase

Price: Starts at PHP 700

Available at: Devilcase Philippines[4]

Who knew protection and style could go hand-in-hand? Devilcase certainly made it happen with their lineup of quality phone cases and skins. They offer sturdy bumper cases and anti-impact cases, along with elegant skins compatible with the most popular phone models out there. Go out of your way and check out Devilcase’s swanky phone accessories today.

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Transcend JetFlash 890S 64GB Type C Flash Drive

Phone Accessories - Transcend OTG flash drive

Price: PHP 860

Available at: Lazada[5]

If you own an Android device and you want some storage expansion, Transcend has got you covered. Thanks to the Transcend JetFlash 890S flash drive, you can also add 64GB of storage to your Android phone. It works the same way too—just plug it to the charging port and you’re all good. No more low storage problems, thanks to phone accessories like this.

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Must-Have Phone Accessories Under PHP 5,000

SanDisk iXpand 32GB Lightning Flash Drive

Phone Accessories - iXpand Lightning flash drive

Price: PHP 1,213

Available at: Lazada[6], SanDisk resellers

iPhones are notorious for their low storage. SanDisk is looking to bridge the gap with the SanDisk iXpand flash drive. Just connect this to the charging port, download the SanDisk app, and enjoy the extra 32GB storage on your iPhone. You can now save photos, videos, and other files from your computer and transfer them easily to your iPhone—no cords needed.

Ipega PG-9167 Game Controller

Phone Accessories - Ipega game controller

Price: PHP 1,085

Available at: Lazada[7]

Hardcore mobile gamers unite! You can now properly play your mobile games the way you play console games—with actual clickity buttons. Just get yourself an Ipega PG-9167, configure the controls, and enjoy video games the old fashion way. This detachable controller works well with both iOS and Android devices so you can easily game anytime, anywhere.

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Digital Walker x Joyroom JR-T04S TWS Earbuds

Phone Accessories - Digital Walker x Joyroom JR-T04S

Photo from Yugatech.com

Price: PHP 1,990

Available at: Digital Walker stores

Looking for a cheaper Airpods alternative? Digital Walker can help you with that. Introducing the Digital Walker x Joyroom JR-T04S True Wireless Stereo earbuds. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and can last up to 3 hours of continuous playtime. And did we mention how affordable it is? If your budget is scarce, Digital Walker’s earbuds should top your phone accessories wishlist.

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Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (1ft)

Phone Accessories - Anker lightning cable

Price: PHP 1,090

Available at: Lazada[8]

Don’t you just hate folding a lengthy charging cable when you’re charging your iPhone using a power bank? Then you’ll love this standout from Anker’s impressive roster of phone accessories. This double-braided nylon cable measures approximately one foot, perfect for portable charging. It’s also a sturdy and durable cable that will surely last you a long time.

Tronsmart PB20 20,000mAh Power Bank

Phone Accessories - Tronsmart PB20 power bank

Price: PHP 1,399

Available at: Lazada[9]

Speaking of power banks, do you have one yet? Get yourself a power-packed one that can charge your phone up to five times per cycle. Tronsmart PB20 gets the job done thanks to its 20,000mAh power source. Whether you own an iOS or Android device, leave it to the Tronsmart PB20 to charge your smartphone in no time. Also, look at how sleek this power bank is!

Aukey 10W Wireless Fast Charger

Phone Accessories - Aukey wireless charger

Price: PHP 1,999

Available at: Aukey Philippines[10]

So long, charging cables and wall chargers! The future is now because wireless charging is now a reality. If your phone supports this latest technology, get yourself a wireless charger, stat! And this offering from Aukey may be the best deal out there. For starters, it supports Quick Charge 3.0 or lower and it can fast charge your iPhone models starting from iPhone 8 and later.

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Must-Have Phone Accessories Above PHP 5,000

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Phone Accessories - DJI Osmo mobile 2

Price: PHP 7,900

Available at: Authorized DJI resellers

Step up your vlogging game with a phone stabilizer like the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. Sure, a simple selfie stick has its benefits, but imagine if your selfie stick can stabilize footages, control the camera zooms right from the handle, and facilitate impressive timelapse, motionlapse, and hyperlapse videos, then you should probably add the DJI Osmo Mobile to your wishlist.

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Final Thoughts

So have at it, get yourself one or more of these phone accessories and improve your mobile experience. Because let’s face it, no matter how expensive your phone is, it can’t do everything. Just like in life, your phone will always need a helping hand. And in this case, adding some cool phone accessories to your gadget arsenal will do the trick.

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