Different Kinds of Friends You Love and Hate Traveling With

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated May 18, 2018

Kinds of Friends You Love and Hate When Traveling | MoneyMax.ph

Traveling with friends is always exciting, especially when it's your first time visiting a place. Apart from seeing new sights, you also get to share memories with your buddies and meet people along the way. From planning to packing to actually getting there, you savor every memory you get to spend with your barkada.

However, not all friends are ideal travel buddies. There are friends who we just can't deal with when taking an out-of-town trip. No matter how much you love that person you just can't help but hate him when it comes to traveling. Alternatively, there are friends we love traveling with. They're the perfect travel buddies, the ones who make our #travelgoals easier and more memorable.

Relate much? Let's dig deeper. Below are the 12 kinds of friends you love and hate traveling with.

6 Kinds of Friends You Love Traveling With

The Walking Calculator

If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t forget to tag this friend along. The Walking Calculator is good at budgeting. She can maximize your PHP 5,000 and take you and a bunch of other friends to a beach in Quezon or Batangas. She’s also strict when it comes to spending. In fact, she lists down all the expenses to ensure that your budget is right on track.

The Itinerary 

Everybody loves The Itinerary aka the friend who does all the planning. He’s smart, he knows all the best places to visit, and he definitely knows how to create a schedule. The Itinerary is so good at travel planning that you and your friends joke him to put up a travel agency. Why not, right?

The Navigator

You don’t need Waze or Google Maps when you’re traveling with this kind of friend. He remembers all the bus and train stops and knows how to traverse alleys and main roads. When you’re driving, you always ask him to sit by your side because you know you can trust him when it comes to directions.

The Selfie Enthusiast 

You’ll never run out of photos to like and share when you travel with The Selfie Enthusiast. This kind of friend takes photos of you, with you, and with your other friends wherever and whenever she wants. The Selfie Enthusiast, unsurprisingly, owns a digital camera, a smartphone, and a selfie stick ready to use in every Kodak moment.

The YOLO-er 

Overnight camping? Let’s go! Skydiving? Yes, please! Adobong tapa? Why not! The YOLO-er is your barkada’s version of Yes Man. He says yes to everything and is adventurous enough to try weird snacks and delicacies. Traveling with him is always memorable because you get to try things you never thought you’d do in your life. #YOLO

Merriam Webster 

Merriam Webster is the best person to travel with when visiting international destinations like France, South Korea, or China. She can learn new languages effortlessly and knows how make friends with strangers and locals. If there’s a trophy for Ms. Congeniality, better hand it over to this gal.

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6 Kinds of Friends You Hate Traveling With

Mr. Maselan 

Decision-making can be hard, especially when traveling with a group of friends. However, it can be harder when you’re traveling with a maselan or picky friend. He’s doubtful, hesitant, and kinda anti-everything when it comes to food and adventure. He also always ask questions even if you assure him that everything is going to be okay.

Linda Linta

Linda Linta clings like, well, a linta. She believes you have to do everything together even when on vacation—from buying food, to walking at the beach, and even going to the bathroom. It’s nice because you know you have a BFF but it can also get annoying, especially when you want to do something else.

The Krissy 


We all have this kind of friend[1]. The one who speaks loud inside museums, the one who interrupts tour guides, and the one who asks nonsensical things. (Kuya, are we there yet? Pagod na me, eh!) The Krissy is borderline annoying but she’s really fun to be with so you still tag her on your trips.

The Negatron

It’s not fun to travel with a pessimistic person but surprisingly most of do travel with friends like this.  The Negatron is always cautious of his surroundings.  He always sees the negative before the positive, which can be a killjoy for most. But don’t hate this kind of person. Negatrons are caring and they only want the whole barkada to be safe.

Pong Pagong

Imagine this: you and your friends are at the hotel lobby, ready to accomplish your travel itinerary, until you realize that the group is incomplete. Pong Pagong is brushing his teeth and it’s taking him forever. In fact, he’s slow when it comes to everything. Eating, riding the bus, taking a bath, you name it and he’ll surely spend an extra hour or two at whatever you’re planning to do.

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Masa (Masandal Tulog) 

Driving to Tagaytay? Flying to Taiwan? Taking a boat to Puerto Galera? Wherever you are and whatever transportation system you are in, this kind of friend is definitely catching some zzzs. No, he doesn’t lack sleep. He’s not even tired. He just loves sleeping so much that he does it even when with the company of fun and rowdy friends.

What other kinds of friends do you have? How do they contribute to your travel plans? Whether you love them or hate them let us know in the comment box below!

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