Having a mobile phone 20 years ago was not a necessity. People who had mobile phones back then were mostly businessmen and executives. Earlier, mobile phones were only being used as means for communication i.e. for calls and SMS. However, due to ever-changing and fast-paced technological advancements, owning a mobile phone nowadays is an essential part of our daily lives. Thanks to the birth of the smartphones such as the iPhone. Now, using your phone, you can book a flight, play offline and online games, read an e-book, shop online, sell your items, send money through mobile banking or even compare products. You can do so much with your smartphone!

One of the hottest and in-the-news smartphones in the mobile market today is the iPhone X. As expected, it’s very expensive, and therefore the question is –  is it worth buying it? Let the numbers do the talking by simply computing how many hours you have to work before you can purchase that precious iPhone X[1].

Based on 2017 Jobstreet Annual Report[2] and the cost of iPhone X in the Philippines which is Php 50,949, you can see how much employees in different industries of the Philippines, have to work to earn an iPhone.
iPhone X

If you are in an entry-level position, you have to spend around 231 to 352 hours of work for you to avail the Apple’s iPhone X. IT-related jobs have the highest average income per hour thus, requiring a fewer number of work hours to avail the precious mobile phone. That should be a good news for fresh IT graduates out there.

For supervisor level positions, IT-related jobs still has the highest income per hour whereas Actuarial Science / Statistics is at second place with an income of Php 391 per hour, which is Php.18 less than IT supervisors on an hourly basis. Surprisingly, statisticians and mathematicians out there require a fewer number of hours to work to afford the iPhone X as compared to lawyers!

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Managers, of course, require much fewer hours of work to avail the Apple’s, iPhone X. Whereas entry-level positions need to work for as high as 352 hours of hard work, managers need just to spend around 67 to 126 hours only.

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Minimum Wage Earners

In contrast to managers, have you wondered how many hours do a minimum wage earner needs to work before he can purchase an iPhone X? A minimum wage earner in NCR receives P481 basic wage + COLA  of P10 per day. Let’s say he works around 8 hours a day, a minimum wage earner earns about Php. 61.37 per hour. Therefore, a minimum wage earner needs to spend 830 hours of work to be able to afford the iPhone X!

Final Thoughts

Are you surprised to know how many hours do you need to work in order to avail of the famous iPhone X? Apple undoubtedly produces great products and is one of the global leaders in tech innovation but its products, of course, come at a steep price. The high price could be due to the fact that iPhone X has the most durable glass ever in a smartphone for both front and back as it is composed of surgical‑grade stainless steel. It is also water and dust resistance.

Nonetheless, P50,949 is a pretty huge sum of money especially if you just started working. Before you decide to buy yourself one, think carefully and weigh its benefits vs. impact on your budget, and how much time and effort you need to put into affording this product. When it comes to your hard-earned money, the key is to be thoughtful and un-emotional, rather than make impulsive buys. And always research and compare alternative products, before committing your hard-earned money for one.

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