Homebased jobs
The summer season is fast approaching. Before you splurge on your scheduled summer getaway, make sure you have enough budget for it.

If you’re still financially dependent on your parents, the thought that instantly pops out to your head is: “No allowance this summer. What shall I do?” If you’re already working, increasing the channels of your income is a good tactic.

One way is to go is to apply for a part-time job. It will be a lot easier and better if you find a home-based one. A part-time job in the comfort of your home for summer sounds like a wise move.

You are most probably sitting the whole weekend in front of your computer, so you can maximize your internet and computer use while earning. Be sure you have a stable internet since most of your work will be dependent on it. To start, find the best broadband deal that is suitable for your needs and budget and you’re good to go.

Top Home-Based Jobs

Virtual Assistants

Approx. Pay: Php125 – Php300 / hour

If you’re up for a customer service experience, this fits you best and the most exciting part of it is that you’ll be working at home. This job requires you to assist a certain company’s customers.

If it’s a bank, you will receive or make calls with their customers. Some are much easier as they only require word processing skills because the job is non-voice, but of course, with lower pay.

Since you’ll be working online, and you will not go anywhere else (you hate the sun outside when you’re not supposed to plunge in the beach, right?), working at home this summer could be this productive.

With the perfect combination of your skills, interest, stable internet and workable computer, your summer break could be the perfect season for you to earn money.

ESL Teacher

Approx. Pay: Php400 – Php500 / hour

If you’re the kind of person who is comfortable in talking about people and good in English, apply for an English tutor job.

International companies have been actively looking for Filipinos who can render hours to teach Koreans or Japanese (kids and adults) better English. You will talk to your students in video calls so you should have a PC or laptop with a stable connection and a microphone.

Data Entry

Approx. Pay: Php300 – Php500 / output

As the name implies, your responsibility will be as easy as entering a data to a system or word processor or spreadsheets. It’s a job for anyone who breathes typing, preferably faster than ordinary, and is keen to details. Almost all job sites in the Philippines like Jobstreet and Kalibrr can offer you a great number of data-entry jobs.

Graphic Designer

Approx. Pay: Php500 – Php1,000 / output

All you need is your PC, your skills and your photo editing software, and you’re good to apply for a graphic designer. The opportunities are broad from photo editor to web developer depending on your core competencies. You will sharpen your skills and earn money at the same time while enjoying your craft.


Approx. Pay: Php500 – Php1,000 / output

Are you fond of blogging? If you’re serious about it, you can make money out of it in a lot of ways. First, through your own blog’s ads and second, when you write or edit blogs for other people.

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