Get a Home Makeover for Under PHP 5,000

Published: May 1, 2014 | Updated: June 15, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

Home Makeover for Under PHP 5,000
Every homeowner’s goals is to improve the looks of their home. This is not always the top priority for most people due to a lack of funds for renovation or a home makeover. However, this should not be removed in the list of the things you have to do for your home.

Do you want to redecorate the interior or exterior part of your house? If you want to update the style of your home but you just can’t afford one then try these makeover tips that will surely fit your budget:


Repainting can do the trick if you want to change the setting of a room. Change the colors of any room by using different color tones. There’s an array of paints you can choose ranging from dark to lighter hues.

You may base the color of the paint you will be used according to the personality or favorite color of the room owner. Kids will love pastel and lighter tones of pink, blue, violet or green. The cost for this will depend on the brand, color, and size of the paint you will be buying. The price costs start at Php450 to Php1,600 for 16-liter paint.

Cover the Walls with Wallpaper

Another tip on how to redecorate your interior is to put up wall coverings into your dull-looking walls. There are different ways on how to redesign the walls using this material. One roll may cost more or less Php5,000.

When designing the room, you may use wallpapers on half of the wall, then paint on the other half. You may also use other materials such as frames or paintings to accentuate the bare walls. As decorative panels on the wall, you may install forgo ceiling-to-floor instead of using individual lengths of wallpaper. Another way is to stick the wallpaper onto the ceiling rather than the traditional way of using it onto the walls to create a dramatic effect to the room.

Create a Zen Area or Redecorate the Garden

If you have an existing garden on your house, you may redecorate the area by using different plants like foliage and shrubberies to enhance its looks. You may also put outdoor furniture that may complement the style of the exterior. An array of furniture items made from materials like wood, wrought iron, aluminium, wicker, and more may enhance the appearance and can be used entirely for relaxation.

On the other hand, creating a Zen area in your home can be a perfect place for relaxation. You may buy second-hand Zen decors like fountains, mats, paintings, frames, sculptures, and others. This may cost around Php3,000 to Php5,000

Change the Lighting of your Home

Did you know that the ambiance of a room can be modified just by changing the lights used? If you think fluorescent bulbs provide a boring ambiance to the room, then you might change it to another light source such as light-emitting diodes (LED) with colors.

If you want a romantic vibe for the master’s bedroom, you may change some bulbs used in the room with incandescent bulbs. This mood lighting gives a yellowish glow to the room. But remember, this type of light source isn’t energy efficient. You may also install dimmer switches so that whenever you want to provide a warm aura to the room, the switch is accessible from the bed. This can be bought in hardware stores for less than a thousand pesos. An incandescent bulb costs Php400 while LEDs costs higher with Php300 for a 12-volt type.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to redesign your home if you can purchase the things you will need. To ease the burden for funding the redesigning project, you may use your credit card for your home décor shopping.

In case your budget doesn’t fit the bill, you can still make your own decorations using materials lying around the house. Search projects online to know what materials you need and the step-by-step process on how to do it.

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