5 Great Apps to Help Track Your Spending

by Carlo Miguel Castañeda, on category "Lifestyle,Product Overviews"

January 26, 2017

5 free apps that keep your budget in line Trying to figure out your budget can get daunting, particularly when you need to keep track of every single expense that rolls along. Accounting for every last Peso that passes through your hands might mean that you need a system to ensure that every spend is accounted for. We have so many things to thank the technology for. That includes all sorts of apps that help with productivity, or apps to help you track your spending. But among all the smartphone apps out there, which ones really pass muster? Here are five great apps to help track your spending.


Who needs a personal accountant when you’ve got Expensify on your phone? This popular app categorizes, tags, and groups expenses into a report that can be exported into PDF format. It has SmartScan technology that automatically reads receipt details for you, along with bank and credit card import features that automatically pulls your transactions together into the app. You’re saved a lot of time and energy, and you get free alerts on discounts for flights, too. Availability: iOS and Android


This intuitively designed lifestyle app promises to treat expenses as experiences. Wherever you go, Wally finds you and keeps track of your money through GPS integration. It works when your phone’s location services are on - automatically categorizing and identifying the venue of expense. Smart notifications on the app also tell you when you’ve reached a certain money goal, making it easier for you to save. Availability: iOS and Android

Bank Apps

Most banks these days have mobile apps that let you do banking as long as you have a stable connection. BPIBDO, and Citibank are just a few banks that have apps. These apps include monitoring your savings account, transfer funds between accounts, and even pay bills in just one easy click. Imagine the ease of banking at your fingertips! Availability: iOS and Android


This app bases your budget on the cash flow that you have. It works like a digitized version of an envelope saving system, and the user interface is quite charming on its own. The app’s envelopes let you portion off your cash according to the spending habits for each area of your life. You can also section off recurring items in your budget by time frame, making it that much easier to portion off your money. Availability: iOS and Android


This app has two primary functions: making sure you understand your spending habits completely, and protecting your credit/debit cards from fraud and unauthorized transactions. The app syncs your bank accounts first, then shows you the amount you spend each month and your total monthly balance. The interface functions a little like Tinder, using swipes to complete most actions. Availability: iOS and Android ph_5greatappstotrackyourspending_table-1

Final thoughts

Most of these apps are free to use, while some might have ads or a premium app subscription. These allow you some convenience when it comes to tracking your expenses, and displays your money stats easily.