What is a Solo Parent ID and How Can I Get One?

Published: March 13, 2020 | Updated: June 14, 2021 | Posted by: Mayee Gonzales | Government Services

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This article was published on June 29, 2018 and was updated on March 13, 2020.

There are over 20 million solo parents in the Philippines. With a growth rate of 30.5% from last year, the Federation of Solo Parents expects the population to upsurge this year.

There are many reasons for being a solo parent—some unfortunate, some touching. Whatever the reason is, it is important to recognize the efforts of such parents. Fortunately, the government has enacted laws to do just that. One of them is the Solo Parent ID. What is it and how can it benefit solo parents like you? Read on below to find out.

What is a Solo Parent ID?

A Solo Parent ID is a government-enforced ID for solo or single parents in the Philippines. Solo parents who carry such ID can enjoy certain government discounts and benefits.

Who Can Apply for a Solo Parent ID?

Solo Parent ID Application

Any single parent in the Philippines can apply for a Solo Parent ID. According to Republic Act No. 8972 [1] or the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000, a single parent is:

1. A woman who gives birth as a result of rape and other crimes against chastity even without a final conviction of the offender, provided that the mother keeps and raises the child.

2. Parent left solo or alone with the responsibility of parenthood due to the following circumstances:

  • Death of spouse
  • Spouse is detained or is serving sentence for a criminal conviction for at least one (1) year
  • Physical and/or mental incapacity of spouse as certified by a public medical practitioner
  • Legal separation or de facto separation from spouse for at least one (1) year, as long as he/she is entrusted with the custody of the children.
  • Declaration of nullity or annulment of marriage as decreed by a court or by a church, as long as he/she is entrusted with the custody of the children.

3.  Unmarried mother/father who has preferred to keep and rear her/his child/children instead of having others care for them or give them up to a welfare institution.

4. Any other person who solely provides parent care and support to a child or children.

5. Any family member who assumes the responsibility of head of family as a result of the abandonment or disappearance of parents or solo parent.

Solo Parent ID Requirements

Solo Parent ID Requirements

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Before applying for a Solo Parent ID, make sure to prepare the following required documents first.

1. Barangay certificate

Get a barangay certificate to prove that you have resided in your barangay for the last six (6) months. Bring a valid government ID to verify your home address and cash for the processing fee.

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2. Proof of financial status

If you’re an employed solo parent, secure a copy of your Income Tax Return (ITR) through your company’s Human Resource Department or through the BIR. Work-from-home parents, on the other hand, must present a document that will validate their income level to the DSWD.

3. Supporting documents/certificates

Prepare documents and certificates that can prove your solo parent status. This can be a spouse’s death certificate, declaration of nullity of marriage, or medical certificates.

4. Birth certificate/s of your child/children

5. Filled up Solo Parent ID application form

You can get a copy of this form in your city or province’s social welfare and development office.

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Solo Parent ID Application Process

Upon securing all required documents, head to your city or province’s social welfare and development office. Submit your documents to a social worker for assessment and verification. It can take up to 30 days before you receive your ID. Remember that it is free to apply for a Solo Parent ID.

Validity of Solo Parent ID

Solo Parent IDs are valid for one year and is renewable.

Benefits of Having a Solo Parent ID

1. Parental leave

Solo parents are entitled to an additional seven (7) days leave from work every year. Leaves are non-cumulative, not convertible to cash, and is only provided to solo parents who have been working with their employer for at least one (1) year.
In addition, solo parent employees may only use their parental leave under the following circumstances:

  • Attend to personal milestones of their children (birthday, graduation, etc.)
  • Perform parental obligations such as enrollment and attendance in school programs
  • Attend to medical, social, spiritual, and recreational needs of their children
  • Other similar circumstances

2. Flexible work schedule

Solo parents may request for a flexible work schedule from their employer so they can give more time to their children. This benefit, however, depends on the employer.

3. No work discrimination

“No employer shall discriminate against any solo parent employee with respect to terms and conditions of employment on account of his/her status,” as stated in the Solo Parent Act.

4. Additional support and assistance, if applicable

If the solo parent falls below the poverty threshold set by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), he or she can avail of educational, housing, and medical assistance. The solo parent can request for such assistance from the Department of Health (DOH), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and/or the National Housing Authority (NHA).

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Final Thoughts

At present, there are 10 bills filed in the House of Representatives, proposing amendments to the Solo Parent Act. Suggested amendments include a 20% discount for purchase of baby milk, medicines, food supplements, and hospital bills. Discounts on basic necessities and school supplies were also proposed[2].

Apply for a Solo Parent ID and take advantage of the benefits while you can. Getting one is free and is valid for a year. For more government-related articles, regularly visit the Moneymax blog!

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