My Credit Card Application Was Denied. What Should I Do?

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Denied Credit Card Application: Tips for Applicants | Moneymax

Received a denied credit card application? It’s natural to be disappointed and paranoid—what if you’re rejected again on your next credit card application? But you don’t have to wallow in despair. Just because you’re rejected for a credit card doesn’t mean you can’t be approved in the future.

You can take steps to ensure that your next attempt at getting a credit card will be successful. Here’s what you can do on how to get approved for a credit card.

What to Do When You Received a Denied Credit Card Application

Check Your Credit Card Application Status

Denied Credit Card Application - Check Your Application Status

After you’ve applied for a credit card, the bank will contact you after one to three weeks about its status. However, in some cases, banks take longer than usual to process a credit card application, leaving applicants uncertain about whether they’re approved or have a denied credit card application.

If you aren’t sure if your credit card application is declined, you can check its status by calling the bank or making an online inquiry.

Here’s how to check the status of a credit card application with some of the major issuers in the Philippines.

BDO Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

Denied Credit Card Application - BDO Application Status

To know your card application status with BDO, simply enter your TIN or SSS number on the BDO Application Status page[1].

BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

You can find out the status of your credit card application with BPI through its phone banking and online banking facilities.

Steps to Check Application Status via BPI Phone Banking:

  1. Call the BPI customer hotline at 89-100 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-188-89100 (domestic toll-free).
  2. Press 2 (for Credit Cards).
  3. Press 2 (for Credit Card Application Status Inquiry).
  4. Key in your 10-digit application ID number.

Steps to Check Application Status via BPI Online Banking:

  1. Log in to your BPI Express Online account.
  2. Click Other Services > Application Status Inquiry > Credit Card.
  3. Enter your credit card application date.
  4. Choose the appropriate response from the drop-down list next to “Application Submitted to.”
  5. Enter your contact number.
  6. Click Submit.

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Metrobank Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

If you filed a credit card application with Metrobank, you can check its status by calling the bank’s customer service hotline at 8-700-700 or the domestic toll-free number at 1-800-1-888-5775. Alternatively, you may send an email to

Citibank Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

Here’s how to find out the status of your Citibank credit card application status like Citi Simplicity and Citi Rewards Card:

  1. Dial 995-9999 to call the Citibank credit card customer care hotline.
  2. Press *2.
  3. Press 1.
  4. Enter your application ID or TIN.
  5. Press #.

Find Out Why You’re Rejected for a Credit Card

Declined Credit Card Application - Find Out the Reasons

The bank may or may not tell you the reason your credit card application got rejected. Regardless, it helps to know why it happened to avoid making the same mistake in your next application and raise the likelihood of getting approval the next time.

Common reasons why credit card application is declined:

  • Too low income
  • Unstable job history
  • Unpaid credit card balance
  • Incomplete or incorrect information on the credit card application form
  • Bad credit score
  • Too much debt

Find the right credit card for you!

Wait At Least Three Months to Reapply

Got your denied credit card application just recently? Don’t apply for another credit card too soon. Financial experts recommend waiting three to six months to apply again.

Applying for too many credit cards within a short period can hurt your credit history. You’re likely to get declined again, too. Each time you apply for a credit card, the bank conducts a credit check and makes an additional inquiry on your credit report. Having several inquiries on your credit report is a red flag for banks—it shows that you’re desperate and struggling to get approved for a credit card.

Check Your Credit Report and Improve Your Credit Score

Declined Credit Card Application - Check Credit Score

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Before you apply for a credit card again, take the time to review your credit report, correct any error, and work on increasing your credit score.

Regardless of the reason your credit card application got rejected, get a free copy of your credit report from the Credit Information Corporation or any of its accredited credit bureaus[2] once a year. Check the accuracy of the information on your credit report—an error may have caused denial on your credit card application. If you spot an incorrect negative remark, dispute it with the concerned lender for correction and request to update your credit report.

If your credit report accurately shows a history of loan default or high credit card balance, it’s time to break those bad money habits that damage your credit score. Improve your credit score by paying down your balances, settling your overdue accounts, and reducing your loan and credit card applications.

Apply for the Right Credit Card

Declined Credit Card Application - Get the Right Credit Card

After getting your denied credit card application, make sure to find the right card this time—one that you’re most likely to be approved for and matches your financial situation.

Check the bank’s eligibility requirements, particularly the annual income requirement. For example, BDO, BPI, and Metrobank require a minimum annual income of PHP 180,000 to get a basic credit card from them. Application for premium credit cards requires higher annual incomes.

Also, check if the bank accepts only applications from those with a principal credit card, such as in the case of HSBC. You may not receive approval for an HSBC Red Mastercard, Gold Visa Cash Back, or HSBC Platinum Visa if you don’t have a locally issued credit card in the past 12 months.

Rather than check each bank website and spend hours researching, make your search for the perfect credit card more convenient with an online credit card comparison tool. In just a few clicks, you can refine your search according to credit card providers and type of credit card, as well as sort the results based on annual income requirements, interest rates, and annual fees.

Get a Secured Credit Card or a Prepaid Card

If your current income and credit score aren’t good enough to qualify for a credit card, consider alternatives such as secured credit cards and prepaid cards. These cards allow cashless transactions like regular credit cards do. Approval is also easier plus it’s a great way to build a good credit history.

Secured Credit Cards

No income documents are needed to get a secured credit card. Banks also don’t conduct credit checks for secured credit card applications. Instead, you would need to open a savings or time deposit account with the issuing bank and make an upfront security deposit. This will serve as your collateral to the bank, which means when you miss your credit card payment, the unpaid amount will be deducted from your bank account.

Here are the secured credit cards in the Philippines you can apply for:

  • AUB Secured Credit Card
  • BPI Express Start
  • Metrobank Save and Swipe
  • RCBC Bankard InstaCard
  • Security Bank Fast Track

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After a year of using your secured credit card responsibly, you may request the issuing bank to upgrade it to an unsecured one.

Prepaid Cards

With a prepaid card, you enjoy the functionalities and perks of a traditional credit card, except that your spending is limited to the amount in it. So you can continue using the card, you’ll have to top it up before your balance goes down to zero.

Some of the most popular prepaid cards in the Philippines include PayMaya, GCash Mastercard, Smart Money Card, and YAZZ Card. Banks such as BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, PSBank, and UnionBank also offer prepaid cards.

Final Thoughts

Have you experienced getting approved after a declined credit card application? What have you learned from the experience? Sometimes all it needs is to check your finances and find the right credit card for you.

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