6 Ways to Shop Online without a Credit Card

Published: September 9, 2015 | Updated: November 5, 2020 | Posted by: Carlo Miguel Castañeda | Credit Card

Shop Online without a Credit Card
Online shopping is a real convenience. You no longer have to meander from store to store looking for the perfect clothes, or anything else for that matter. While some may say that shopping online decreases the amount of human interaction you get, it’s just so much easier to order everything online and save yourself the trip (and having to contend with traffic).

The one real issue most people might have with shopping online is that for a lot of outlets, a credit card is necessary. But if you’d rather not take one on just to shop online, here are a few ways that you can shop online without a credit card.

Debit Card

Unlike credit cards that let you spend to your credit limit, a debit card only lets you spend what you’ve deposited in the account. You’re only in danger of running out of funds, and not running into debt.

This particular form of payment is usually tied to Visa or MasterCard, and is easier to apply for than credit cards – which require financial documents that you may not currently have. Some debit cards available in the Philippines include Unionbank’s EON Card, Metrobank’s Debit MasterCard, and CitiBank’s Visa Debit Card.


PayPal and services like it (Xoom, Checkout, etc.) are more convenient than using a debit card directly because of buyer protection. This prevents unauthorized payments, and allows you to get your money back in case you get a defective product.

These services require a debit card or either a GCash/Smart Money account in order to verify your PayPal registration. You can also link your PayPal to your bank account.

Globe GCash Virtual Pay/Smart Money

You may remember GCash, which started off as Globe Telecom’s money transfer and bills payment service. They’ve since added an online payment system to it and partnered with American Express. It can also be used to verify a PayPal account.

The Virtual Pay account also gives you a My Shopping Box address in the US, allowing items that can only be delivered to a US address to be forwarded to you locally.

In Smart Money’s case, the Internet Transactions service can be unlocked by accessing the Smart Money mobile menu. You’ll have to make sure your Smart Money account has funds when you make your purchases. You’ll need to select MasterCard as your mode of payment if you plan on using this gateway.

Online Shopping Partners

Some shipping companies allow you to purchase items through them if you can’t do it on your own. An example of which is Johnny Air Cargo’s Plus service.

It requires a little more effort, but all you have to do is send them a purchase form via fax or e-mail. They’ll send you a quoted total price (includes item price, shipping, and additional charges via Johnny Air), which you can pay for by depositing in their BDO account.

Alternative Payment

Some online retailers, like Zalora and Lazada, allow for payments to be made on delivery (kind of like getting food delivered.). Purchases are also delivered to the address of your choice, and all you have to do is pay up when it gets there.

Some online stores also allow payment through banks, but in cases like these, it’s ideal that you check the seller rating and comments to ensure that you’re not being scammed.

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Prepaid Cards

These are credit cards that you can only use when there’s balance in them, so in a way, they’re really more like debit cards. Unlike real credit cards, you don’t need to undergo an approval process for these; but just fill out a form, pay the one-time fee, and you can use the card just like a regular credit card.

Banks that offer prepaid credit cards include BPI, RCBC, and Metrobank. The fee is anywhere from Php 100 – Php 500, and the cards are usually valid for 12 – 24 months.

You can visit our Prepaid Cards section and compare the products to find what best suits your needs:

If you are unable to get a credit card but want to shop online, there are more than a few ways available for you to get those tricky purchases made. Of course, there’s still some fun to be had when you actually go to a mall and run around shops looking for your preferred items.

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