Compare the Best Pet Insurance in the Philippines!

Because your fur babies need protecting, too. If you consider your pet a part of your family, you need to consider that animals can also get sick and their medical expenses can take a toll on your finances. Compare the best pet insurance currently available in the Philippines.

PlatformPremium Starts atEligible AgeMaximum CoverageMedical ReimbursementBurial AssistanceOwner’s Third-Party LiabilityOwner’s Accidental Death

metropolitan insurance company

pioneer insurance


3 months to 7 years old





malayan insurance

visit website


6 months to 8 years old






Pet Insurance FAQs


Does pet insurance also cover the pet owner?

Yes! Pet insurance policies in the Philippines also include coverages that benefit the pet owner themselves. In a way, pet insurance can be a form of life insurance, only this covers your pet as well. Some useful coverages include the following:

  • Owner’s disablement or dismemberment
  • Owner’s accidental death
  • Owner’s third-party liability
  • Owner’s murder or assault


What type of animals can I insure?

Currently, it is only limited to dogs and cats. Since it’s still a relatively new insurance product, your non-canine or non-feline pets might have to wait for a few more years before you can get insurance for them. 


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