What to Watch and Listen to During the COVID-19 Lockdown

It’s been weeks since the enhanced lockdown was announced and you’re probably bored of watching or listening to the same old stuff you love. Since this whole COVID-19 business isn’t going to end anytime soon, it’s best to try and explore other pieces of media to keep you occupied and sane. Here is a list of what to watch or listen to while stuck at home as recommended by the Moneymax team.

What to Watch: TV Series

Brooklyn Nine Nine

What to Watch - Brooklyn Nine Nine

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews
Where to Watch: Netflix

Follow a group of quirky detectives as they try and solve New York’s biggest and wackiest crimes. If you’re looking for a comedy that is both hilarious and touching, add Brooklyn Nine Nine to your list of what to watch for the next couple of weeks.

The Good Place

What to Watch - The Good Place

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, Jameela Jamil
Where to Watch: Netflix

Hilarity and philosophy collide in this heartwarming comedy about what happens after we die. The Good Place will make you giggle and cry in all the right places. If you’re looking to laugh and learn a bit about morals and ethics, then this show is perfect for you.


What to Watch - Barry

Genre: Dark Comedy
Starring: Bill Hader, Henry Winkler, Sarah Goldberg
Where to Watch: HBO Go Asia

What happens when a former hitman decides to attend acting classes? Chaos, apparently. Bill Hader created one of the best comedies in years in the form of Barry. It only has two seasons so you’ll be able to catch up quickly while waiting for the lockdown to finally end.


What to Watch - Westworld

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright
Where to Watch: HBO Go Asia

Follow the exploits of Westworld, a futuristic theme park where guests can do whatever they want with the robots. But what happens when the robots fight back? Wondering what to watch when you’re feeling a bit adventurous? Westworld is the perfect show to explore and dissect.


What to Watch - Explained

Genre: Educational
Where to Watch: Netflix

Have you ever wondered how cryptocurrency works or why diets fail? Explained is a series focused on explaining all that in a fun and informative way. The topics include astrology, gender wage gap, and even K-Pop. Not every series has to be drama or comedy, you know.

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What to Watch: Movies

Uncut Gems

What to Watch - Uncut Gems

Genre: Thriller
Directed by: Safdie Brothers
Starring: Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox
Where to Watch: Netflix

The lockdown is also an excuse to catch up on the Oscar-worthy films you missed last year. Case in point: Uncut Gems starring Adam Sandler. Maybe take this for a spin the next time you’re wondering what to watch and experience Adam Sandler in an intense film.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

What to Watch - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie
Where to Watch: Netflix

Another Oscar-worthy film that actually garnered awards[1], Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the latest offering from acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino, so you know it’s going to be a wild ride. Experience the 1960s in a new, more vibrant light in this revisionist film.

Kiki’s Delivery Place

What to Watch - Kiki's Delivery Service

Genre: Animation
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Where to Watch: Netflix

Studio Ghibli recently made their most prominent films available on Netflix. Travel back to childhood with the classic Kiki’s Delivery Place and other Ghibli classics like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. Now you won’t have to wonder what to watch for the next few days.

The Pursuit of Happyness

What to Watch - The Pursuit of Happyness

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Gabriele Muccino
Starring: Will Smith, Jaden Smith
Where to Watch: Netflix

If you’re in the mood for a good cry, The Pursuit of Happiyness can hook you up. It’s an uplifting story of a single father trying to make ends meet. Will Smith gave an amazing performance as Chris Gardner in a feel-good film we can all take inspiration from in these trying times.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

What to Watch - The Grand Budapest Hotel

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Wes Anderson
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Adrien Brody
Where to Watch: Netflix

If you’re trying to choose what to watch from Wes Anderson’s catalogue, start with The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s a hilarious story of the friendship between Monsieur Gustave, the famed concierge of a mountainside resort, and Zero Moustafa, the newly-hired bellhop.

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What to Listen to: Artists


What to Watch - Tennis

Genre: Indie Pop
Latest Single: Runner

The husband-and-wife music duo from Denver, Colorado captured the hearts of their fans with their poetic songs and hypnotic beats, including Need Your Love and Origins. If you’re in the mood for smart lyrics and infectious vocals, Tennis is a must-add on your playlist.


What to Watch - Raveena

Genre: R&B, Experimental
Latest Single: Stronger

Kick back and chill out with R&B’s newest sensation, Raveena. It’s hard to ignore Raveena’s presence when her album “Lucid” is named one of the best albums of 2019” by NPR[2]. Pick up some positive vibes with every beat from her hits, including If Only and Headaches.

The Arctic Monkeys

What to Watch - Arctic Monkeys

Genre: Indie Rock
Latest Single: Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Indie legends The Arctic Monkeys will make great additions to your Spotify playlist. Whether you start with their latest single Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino or travel back to their classics like Do I Wanna Know and R U Mine, it will be a guaranteed music trip.

Hamilton the Musical

What to Watch - Hamilton

Genre: Musical
Recommended Song: Alexander Hamilton

Remember a few years ago when almost no one can get a ticket for Hamilton the Musical? Now you can enjoy the greatness of Lin-Manuel Miranda and the entire Hamilton cast in the comfort of your home. Use your lockdown free time to experience theater at its finest.

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What to Listen to: Podcasts

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

What to Watch: Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Topic: Celebrity Interviews
Hosts: Conan O’Brien, Sona Movsesian, Matt Gourley

Conan O’Brien is in search of a friend, and he has his assistant Sona Movsesian and producer Matt Gourley helping him out. Listen to Conan make hilarious and thoughtful conversations with his star-studded guests, including John Mulaney, Ellen Degeneres, and Michelle Obama, among many others.


What to Watch - Voxtalks

Topic: Politics
Host: Tim Phillips

Wish someone could digest complex ideas for you? Tim Phillips can with his podcast VoxTalks. Dissect the latest developments in politics and economics. Plus, get insights from leading economists and critics from around the world.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

What to Watch - Getting Curious

Topic: Random Informative Topics
Host: Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye fame talks about all the things he’s curious about in this weekly podcast. Informative and at times provocative, Van Ness will serve you with knowledge the only way he knows how. You have to give it a listen if you want to find out.

The Halo Halo Show

What to Watch - Halo Halo Show

Topics: Trending Topics
Hosts: Rica Garcia and JC Tevez

If you want a more light and friendly podcast to go with your daily chores, let the banter of Rica Garcia and JC Tevez from the Halo Helo Show fill your ears. No topic is off limits to these two. If it’s trendy and it’s worth talking about, expect the Halo Halo Show to spice things up.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t let the lockdown blues bring you down. We now live in a world where getting entertainment is as easy as breathing. Explore more stuff out of your usual routine and who knows, you’ll probably find something to add on your list of what to watch or listen to.

And before you dive in, don’t forget to maintain proper hygiene. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to remove all traces of viruses. Practice social distancing, improve your immune system, eat healthy food items, and drink water religiously.

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