#ThriveAtFive: Moneymax Kicks off 5th Anniversary Celebration

Published: June 24, 2019 | Updated: February 10, 2021 | Posted by: Ricky Publico | Lifestyle

#ThriveAtFive 5th Anniversary Celebration | Moneymax

Moneymax is five years old! To celebrate our 5th birthday, we threw a party and invited our financial partners who helped us along the way, along with other prominent personalities in the finance industry. It all went down on June 18, 2019 at Yes Please in BGC. And needless to say, everyone had a great time. Here are the highlights of #ThriveAtFive.

A Gathering of Financial Heavyweights and Influencers

Yes Please was packed with some of the most important people in the finance industry. Our partners from Eastwest Bank, RCBC, Citibank, Security Bank, MAPFRE Insular, New India Insurance, Mercantile Insurance Corporation, SGI Philippines, and Global Dominion Financing Incorporated dropped by to celebrate with us. We also welcomed our brand partners from BeepBeep.ph, Rapide, Autodeal, and Shop Back, along with other financial experts and various members of the media.

James Deakin and Moritz Gastle

We were also joined by well-known personalities from TV and social media. Host and award-winning automotive journalist, James Deakin, brought his usual warmth and wit to the party. ABS-CBN Sports and Action correspondent Angelique Manto also dropped by to have fun and share her financial wisdom. We also spotted actor Micah Muñoz, host-vlogger Mica Pineda, and Moneymax influencers Deegee Razon, Kerwin King, Joanna Co, and Sandy Riccio. What can we say, we throw one hell of a party.

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Celebrating Five Years of Growth and Excellence

Hosted by Martin Javier (who is also one of our #WhyTravel influencers), #ThriveAtFive focused on the company’s success over the past five years while giving thanks to everyone who was part of it.

Moneymax Country Manager Moritz Gastl took centerstage to present Moneymax’s growth . “We have helped more than 12 million Filipinos to live healthier financial lives,” he said. “We have over a million customers coming on to the platform every month to at least look for financial products and try to educate themselves,” Moritz added. He also shared how the reach of Moneymax has stretched outside Metro Manila. “Even 20% of our customers come from outside the Philippines so our services are not just for people based in the Philippines, but also for OFWs.”

Moritz Gastle initiating a toast

Next up was CompareAsiaGroup’s Chief Commercial Officer Prashant Aggarwal who stressed the role of Moneymax in financially educating Filipinos. “Filipinos are getting savvy. Filipinos are making informed decisions. And our goal is that we want to make sure that every Filipino in this market makes the right decisions,” Prashant said. He also thanked Moneymax for doing a phenomenal job in the last five years. As Prashant put it, “It’s a dream job for all of us because we make money when our customers save money.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

And of course, every birthday needs a cake.

cake cutting for Moneymax 5th anniversary

Financial Rapid Fire Featuring PH’s Finance Personalities

One of #ThriveAtFive’s high points was the Financial Rapid Fire segment which featured some of the country’s top financial personalities. We challenged James Deakin, Prashant Aggarwal, Angelique Manto, Educator and Pesosense Founder Aya Laraya, and Moneymax Soliciting Officer Danny Gaba to answer fun questions about their financial habits as quickly as they can. Needless to say, our five guests did not shy away from the intriguing nature of the game. For instance, did you know that Aya is a hardcore gamer?

On the subject of their guilty pleasures[1], Aya revealed his gaming setup. “I have my gaming rig, a Lazy Boy, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and I don’t move for 8 hours,” he said. Meanwhile, Angelique can’t help herself when it comes to shoes, “particularly sneakers.” For Prashant, he splurges on shoes and sunglasses as well, just don’t tell his wife. For Danny, he loves food, “even foods that I should avoid.” And for James, he’ll splurge on travel any day. “Travel is the gift that keeps on giving,” he said.

participants for Moneymax Rapid Fire questions

They also gave some interesting insights on how they spend money. On the subject of their most expensive purchase, Prashant wowed everyone with his answer. “A guitar that Bono once owned. I needed to do something for my 40th birthday,” the proud U2 fan answered. Meanwhile, James, Danny, and Aya bought themselves their respective fancy cars. And ever the economical, Angelique got herself a MacBook so she can take her work anywhere. It’s a splurge with a purpose, if you will.

But it’s not all trivial and intriguing stuff. When asked about financial advice they stand by to this day, the experts shared some great financial insights to everyone. Angelique and Danny almost have the same principle when it comes to savings, with Angelique allotting 30% of her monthly earnings and Danny saving 20%. Meanwhile, Aya prioritizes educating yourself first before you invest on something. And for Prashant and James, they both echoed the mantra of Moneymax: “Compare before you buy.”

And when asked if they’d rather receive PHP 10,000 every month or PHP 1 million right now, they all chose the latter. “PHP 1 million now because I can easily grow it,” Aya said. Spoken like a true financial expert.

Raffle Prizes and Freebies Done Right

What’s a party without freebies and raffle prizes? We had all of them in spades. Seven lucky winners from the two raffle draws went home with free car services from BeepBeep, which included five Driver-on-Demand services and At-Home Exterior Detailing for cars and van-sized vehicles. And five lucky guests each bagged a bluetooth speaker, all on us.

#ThriveAtFive Event Highlights from Our Guests

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Smart casual but make it fun ??‍♀️ — Last night’s #MoneymaxAtFive #ThriveAtFive affair was a fun yet very timely wake-up call, at least for me. While we had fun (I guess ?) answering the financial rapid fire questions, it also served as a reminder as to how, as early as now, I should be handling and managing my finances for my future. Taking notes from my folks while I’m still in my 20s ? Which is exactly what @moneymax.ph has been doing for the past five years—by helping Filipinos lead healthier financial lives by comparing financial products like car insurance, credit cards, and loans. So happy to have celebrated with Moneymax on this feat! Happy 5th Anniversary, @moneymax.ph and cheers to more years ?

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What’s Next for Moneymax?

You think this awesome Moneymax party was the end of it? We’re just getting started. For the entire month of July, expect a whole lot of awesome from us. Rest assured, Moneymax will continue putting our customers first as we continue the mission we started five years ago. Follow us on our social media platforms for exciting anniversary announcements and promos. And as always, follow our Moneymax blog for more financial guides and helpful money-saving tips. Let’s continue thriving for five more years and beyond!

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