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20 Pinoy Travel Quotes for Your Occasional Hugot

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated April 13, 2017

Pinoy Travel Quotes |

When we travel, we just can't help but draw out some hugot. Picturesque views like Kiltepan in Sagada and the Marlboro Hills in Batanes make us remember sad and happy moments in our life. That's totally okay. You didn't save up for that dream trip to feel and experience nothing, after all.

Before planning your next destination, laugh and reminisce with these Pinoy travel quotes first. We compiled 20 of the best hugot lines and hashtags from all over the web. Read on below.

1. "Kapag nagmahal ka, dapat SAGADA.”

2. “Buti pa sa tricycle, konting barya lang special ka na.”

3. “Ang pag-ibig parang itinerary. Madalas hindi nasusunod.”

4. “Kung tent tayo, ikaw ang pole. Because I can’t stand without you.”

5. “Taga-Baguio ka ba? Because you’re so cold.”

Inspiring Pinoy Travel Quotes

Instagram photo by @travelokaph

6. “Minsan ang tao parang lugar. Hindi na dapat balikan.”

7. “’Yung pag-akyat sa bundok, parang tayo. Nakakapagod.”

8. “Sabi mo dollar lang ang ipapapalit mo. Bakit pati ako?”

9. “Kung mahal mo ako, huwag mo akong Kazakhstan.”

10. “Buti pa ang bagyo may PAG-ASA.”

Pinoy Travel Quotes

Instagram photo by @chamieccini

11. “Ang break up dapat parang camping trip. Leave no trace.”

12. “Sana flight na lang ako. At least kasama ako sa mga plano mo.”

13. “Para kang dagat, malulunod ako sa’yo.”

14. “Ang weather update nga nagbabago, feelings mo pa kaya?”

15. “Friends lang tayo, walang Malaysia.”

Pinoy Travel Quotes

Instagram photo by @javycang

16. #ForeverAlon

17. #BoholNewWorld

18. #WeveOnlyJustVigan

19. #CamiguinOutOfTheRain

20. #CatchFlightsNotFeelings

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