Kunin ko yung toy!” – every parent has heard this at least once while ordering the kids’ meal at a fast food chain. The little ones are obviously referring to the collectible plastic goodies that come with the kids’ meals. So let’s explore – McDonald’s vs. Jollibee: who offers a better kids’ meal?

McDonald’s and Jollibee are the two top rivals in pitting toys from upcoming movies or cartoons against each other. The former currently offers Adventure Time-themed mini-game keychains. The latter boasts impressive collectible music box paperweights that feature Jollibee’s mascots.

Here’s how they stack up in a battle to determine which makes the best pasalubong.

Round 1: Food and Toy Variety

McDonald’s Happy Meals® come in the Breakfast and All-Day variants. The Breakfast variants are typically available from 5 AM to 11 AM, while the All-Day variants are served throughout the day. They offer 9 different combinations of favorites such as the Pancakes, Orange Juice, and Hash Browns Breakfast Happy Meal®.
A Happy Meal® and includes one variant of the Adventure Time mini-game keychain, of which there are eight designs. You can play tic-tac-toe with Jake or escape a maze with Finn.

The Jolly Kiddie Meals® have three choices: the Yum Burger, Spaghetti, or Chickenjoy®. All come with pineapple juice and one of five music box toys, each depicting a different mascot and playing a different instrument. Jollibee is the lead vocalist in the five-person band, of course.

Winner: McDonald’s

The variety of food available (particularly in the early morning), as well as the ability to pick and choose drinks, allows a child to have a little more say in what they want to eat.

Round 2: Price

The Happy Meal® offers 9 different meal combinations, which changes to 6 after 11 AM. The cheapest of these choices is the Cheesy Eggdesal™ Happy Meal® which costs Php 112 in either the Breakfast or All-Day variant. The most expensive Happy Meal® is the Chicken McDo™ at Php 135.

Given the popularity of Adventure Time, certain toys may be out of stock, forcing the intrepid parent to choose one their child may not particularly favor.

Jollibee, on the other hand, starts at Php 90 for the Yum Burger™ Jolly Kiddie Meal®. The most expensive item is the Chickenjoy™ Jolly Kiddie Meal® at Php 122. The meal price includes rice, a drink, and the toy.

Jollibee tends to use mascots from its brand for kids’ meal toys, though they are no strangers to toys from popular cartoons like Pokemon, their most recent set of toys coming from the new Pokemon™ Sun and Moon cartoon and games.

Winner: Jollibee

Price-wise, and without the add-ons of large drinks or desserts, Jollibee wins in the price category. It is cheaper, and you are more likely to find a Jollibee as it has over 890 branches nationwide[1], verses McDonalds’ which has about 500[2].

Final Round: Time Trial

There are going to be times when you cannot buy the kids’ meals on your way home. Luckily, both restaurants offer their respective kids’ meals for delivery via their websites. To break the tie between these two restaurants, we at MoneyMax.ph decided to compare the meals ourselves by ordering the Chicken McDo™ Happy Meal® and the Chickenjoy™ Jolly Kiddie Meal®.

For deliveries, we found that Jollibee does not have a delivery charge, but an extra amount is added to the meal’s base price. The minimum food order is also Php 200.

McDonald’s, on the other hand, had no minimum order price and had a delivery charge of Php 40.

We ordered both meals at the same time, and they arrived still warm, and within 30 minutes.

Both meals looked delicious, but the Chicken McDo™ felt a lot more filling.

As for the toys, unfortunately, we were informed that the Adventure Time toys were unavailable. Instead, the delivery would come with a selection of other toys that we could choose from. We were given several choices, but the Despicable Me 3 Minion was too good to pass up (as pictured above).

Winner: McDonald’s!

It was disappointing that the Adventure Time toys were no longer available, but we still got a toy with the filling meal. If you were to order a kids’ meal on its own, the McDonald’s Happy Meal® ends up being the cheaper option as opposed to the Jolly Kiddie Meal®, which required an extra side (french fries) to come close to the minimum order value.

Final Thoughts

There are other kinds of pasalubongs that parents can choose to give to their children, such as small bags of chips or candies. The kids’ meals that include toys tend to be special, and these are what the children might form memories of as they grow up, whether or not the toys remain with them.

A parent must also consider the value for money that they pay for food, regardless of the satisfaction it might bring. With all these variables, McDonald’s felt like the clear winner for us, thanks to the larger variety of available meals and considerations given to customers. But don’t take our word for it. Go ahead, order yourself one of these meals and decide for yourself.

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