A Quick Look at the New and Improved SSS Member Portal

Published: September 6, 2018 | Updated: February 9, 2021 | Posted by: Venus Zoleta | Government Services

New SSS Member Portal | MoneyMax.ph

Any SSS member knows how excruciatingly frustrating it is to use the SSS online service portal. Good thing, it recently got its much-needed upgrade.

In August 2018, the Social Security System (SSS) launched My.SSS Beta, an updated version of the old portal that’s notoriously slow at best and non-responsive at worst.

Through the My.SSS Beta portal, SSS members who have registered for a My.SSS account can access their social security information anytime and anywhere.

For starters, here’s a walk-through of the new SSS online facility.

What’s New in the Updated SSS Member Portal?

New SSS Member Portal | MoneyMax.ph
So, what does the redesigned My.SSS portal offer and why should you use it instead of the old portal?

Compatibility with Most Browsers

What makes the old portal difficult—and often impossible—to use is that it works only with Internet Explorer version 11.

But now, you can access the new portal using other web and mobile browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera Mini. So whether you use a MacBook or a laptop with the latest Windows version, using the portal is now easy breezy.

Better Site Design and Layout

The new SSS member portal looks modern and sleek, with a user-friendly interface that makes browsing the site an easier, hassle-free experience—a far cry from the clunky old portal. Despite its improved design and user experience, My.SSS Beta carries the same features as the old portal, so there’s no learning curve for long-time users.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

My.SSS Beta doesn’t only look good on computer and laptop screens. It also displays properly and works seamlessly on mobile devices such as Apple and Android phones and tablets.

What Can You Do with My.SSS Portal?

My.SSS Portal Homepage | MoneyMax.ph
After logging in to your My.SSS account, you’ll be taken to the portal’s homepage with links to four main pages: My Information, My Contributions, Electronic Services, and Generate PRN/SOA. From there, you can access a wide range of SSS online services, from viewing membership data and contributions to setting an appointment for benefit claims.

1. Check and Update Your SSS Membership Information

SSS Member Information | MoneyMax.ph
The My Information page enables you to perform any of the following:

  • View your membership records, including SSS number, address, coverage date and status, etc.
  • Change your My.SSS account password.
  • Update your other SSS information like contact details.

2. Check Your SSS Contributions

View SSS Contributions Online | MoneyMax.ph
Perhaps the portal’s most useful feature, the My Contributions page shows your total number and amount of posted SSS contributions. To see more information, click on any of the four icons on the page: Monthly Contributions, SE/VM Payments, Employment History, and Generate PRN/SOA.

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Monthly Contributions

SSS Contributions Table My.SSS | MoneyMax.ph
This section shows your monthly contributions table with all premium payments you’ve made since you started as an SSS member. Through the contributions table, you can also check the specific months that your employer failed to remit your SSS contributions.

A View Document button at the bottom of the page allows you to download and print a PDF copy of your SSS contributions table.

SE/VM Payments

Self-employed (SE) and voluntary members (VM) such as freelancers and OFWs can check their SSS contribution payments in this section.

Employment History

You can view a table listing of your current and past employers, along with their employer ID number and your reporting dates and employment dates.

Generate PRN/SOA

OFWs and other voluntary SSS members can get their Payment Reference Number (PRN)[1] and print a Statement of Account (SOA) through the My.SSS portal. Using the PRN is a requirement for voluntary members when paying SSS contributions through any payment channel.

3. Access SSS Online Services

SSS Online Services | MoneyMax.ph
The Electronic Services page allows access to various SSS services: generating a PRN, filing a maternity notification, applying for retirement benefits, requesting records, and setting a branch appointment.

Generate PRN/SOA

This is the same as the Generate PRN/SOA section in the My Contributions page.

Maternity Notification

Only self-employed and voluntary SSS members who are pregnant can submit a maternity notification through the My.SSS portal. If you’re an employed member, file your maternity notification through your employer’s authorized signatory.

Retirement Application

Are you already qualified to make a claim for SSS retirement benefits? You can apply for retirement online through the My.SSS portal.

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Request Records

SSS Request Member Records | MoneyMax.ph
You can request the following SSS member records via the new portal:

  • Personal Record (E1)
  • Member’s Data Amendment Form (E-4)
  • Self-Employed Data Record (RS-1)
  • Non-Working Spouse Record (NW-1)
  • Flexi-Fund for OFW (OW-1)

This section also shows the status of your previous record requests.

Once you’ve requested your records through the SSS member portal, the SSS will send the document to your registered email address.

Branch Appointment

SSS Member Portal Branch Appointment | MoneyMax.ph
Other SSS transactions that can’t be done online are instead scheduled through the Branch Appointment facility of the My.SSS portal. This feature allows you to set an appointment with your SSS servicing branch for any of the following purposes:

  • UMID card enrollment
  • SSS member data change
  • Salary loan application
  • Funeral claim application
  • Death claim application
  • Disability claim application
  • Retirement claim application
  • Medical examination on disability or sickness benefit claim
  • Issuance of certification for SSS member or non-member
  • Issuance of certification for pensioner
  • Complaints
  • Employee contribution verification
  • Self-employed or voluntary member contribution verification
  • Calamity loan application

4. Generate Your Payment Reference Number

Generate PRN at My.SSS Portal | MoneyMax.ph
One of the main features of My.SSS portal, the Generate PRN/SOA page appears on three different parts of the website. It’s probably the SSS’ way to emphasize the importance of having a PRN for a real-time posting of SSS contribution payments.

This section shows and allows editing of your PRN (if you already have one) and other pertinent details. It also enables printing of the SOA, which voluntary members must present when paying SSS contributions.

5. Get SSS Contact Details

SSS Member Portal Contact Page | MoneyMax.ph
Having a hard time on how to use the SSS portal? You can quickly refer to the Contact Us page should you need to call the SSS. The page has all the telephone numbers in the Philippines and abroad you can call when you have questions, concerns, and comments for SSS. It’s also as modern as it gets, complete with Google Maps and Scan QR code.

Final Thoughts

Like any new government project, the updated My.SSS portal isn’t without any issue, as it’s still in beta phase (as of September 2018).

For instance, one of our team members who tried to register for a My.SSS account couldn’t activate it and set a password. The SSS online registration was completed only when Internet Explorer 11 was used to activate the account. Someone also blogged about his experience and issue with resetting his My.SSS password[2].

Just the same, it’s worth getting yourself familiarized with the new SSS member portal. You can still use the old portal (until it gets phased out) if you aren’t comfortable with the new one.
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