Credit Cards That Help Motorists Save Money

Published: October 18, 2016 | Updated: February 10, 2021 | Posted by: Carlo Miguel Castañeda | Credit Card

Credit Cards That Help Motorists Save Money
Credit card use is fast becoming widespread in the country. Most people will use it for larger purchases or the smaller things like groceries and clothing purchases. With repeated use, one can earn rebates on money spent or rewards that can be traded for freebies.

Many gas stations in countries like the US are largely self-serve, with patrons simply swiping their cards through a reader to unlock the pump and fill up.

There are a lot of motorists in the country who are aware that they could use their credit cards for car expenses, but actively choose not to in order to avoid the possibility of debt. There are benefits to it, and here are some of them.

Rebates on fuel

There are at least eight credit cards available in the country that caters specifically to motorists. These cards are either co-branded with gas stations, or car manufacturers. These cards entitle the holder to fuel rebates. Here’s a quick look at the cards and their rebates:

  • BPI Petron MasterCard – You can get a 3% rebate at participating Petron  A maximum of Php 15,000 in rebates per calendar year is applicable.
  • East West Bank Hyundai MasterCard – You can get a 5% rebate at any gas station, and up to Php 1,000 in rebates every month.
  • HSBC Credit Cards – All HSBC credit cards can get a 3% rebate at participating Caltex  Transactions up to Php 20,000 per month will also earn a rebate.
  • Metrobank Toyota MasterCard – You can get a 3% rebate at participating Petron  A maximum of Php 15,000 in rebates per calendar year applies.
  • Security Bank MasterCard Complete Cashback – You can earn a 4% rebate on fuel. This also includes a maximum cashback up to Php 12,000 including rebates on other rebates on groceries, etc.
  • Shell Citibank Visa– A 3% rebate generally applies to fueling up at Shell stations, and a 5% rebate is available for a Php 10,000 spend and above.
  • Union Bank Phoenix Petroleum Visa – 3% fuel rebates at Phoenix Petroleum stations. A maximum of Php 10,000 in rebates per calendar year applies.

These cards all provide benefits aside from the rewards and points on other purchases that their credit cards already have.

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Service benefits

As some of these cards are also branded with either car brands or gas stations, they also have additional benefits attached to the card specific to the co-branding with partner companies. These can range from discounts on products, parts, services, and maintenance.

  • BPI Petron MasterCard – 10% discount on oils and lubricants at participating Petron
  • East West Bank Hyundai MasterCard – 10% discount on parts, maintenance, and services (PMS) from Hyundai and 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • Metrobank Toyota MasterCard – 10% discount for all Toyota dealers on parts and labor. This card also has 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • Shell Citibank Visa –5% rebates on auto repairs and services. Long-distance travelers can also enjoy a  5% rebate on toll fees on NLEX and SLEX, providing that they spend at least Php 10,000.
  • Union Bank Phoenix Petroleum Visa – 10% discount on Phoenix lubricants and services at participating Phoenix Petroleum stations and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Final thoughts

Using credit cards for your car expenses can be a big help to save money in the long run. Just combine a co-branded credit card with the right money discipline and saving strategy and you’re sure to get the most out of this financial tool.