4 Benefits from Your Credit Card You Forgot You Had

Published: June 6, 2014 | Updated: June 26, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Credit Card


Surprising Credit Card Benefits


If you’re like most people, you probably signed up for a credit card hoping to earn enough points to earn air miles and other rewards. It’s also likely that you signed up for a card to take advantage of the 0% interest for getting that shiny new tablet or smartphone.

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Credit cards sure come in handy in helping you pay for stuff online and at your favourite shops and restaurant—but there are other credit card benefits that you may have forgotten, or haven’t been informed, about. Let’s look at more surprising perks that you can get out of that card in your wallet!

1.      Free Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance

We Pinoys love to travel. With budget airlines like Cebu Pacific offering Piso Fares and Tiger Air offering cheap flights for local and international destinations, it’s become more affordable for us to take vacations to nearby countries.

But are you aware that you can also get free travel insurance when you book your flight ticket using your card. Some credit cards in the Philippines offer travel insurance coverage, such as the BDO Platinum MasterCard, the PNB Mabuhay Miles Platinum MasterCard, and the Metrobank Dollar MasterCard. A quick search on MoneyMax’s credit card page will show you options for credit cards that have this feature.

2.      Complimentary Passes at the NAIA MIASCOR Airport Lounges

Get VIP treatment the next time you wait for your international flight at NAIA, by staying at the MIASCOR VIP lounge with your credit card. What can you get out of this experience? Aside from more luxurious seats compared to the ones you see at the regular terminal, you can enjoy free food and drinks and even access to a business centre, if you want to be productive while waiting for your flight. You can enjoy this perk if you have the Security Bank Diner’s Club Premiere and the BDO American Express Platinum Credit Card.

3.      Enjoy Priority Booking at Special Events in Manila

Not only will your card let you pay for tickets to special events here in Manila, you can also use your card to score tickets before anyone else. From time to time, some credit card providers offer promos that give cardholders priority booking when buying tickets at special events. VISA cardholders, for example, got to enjoy priority booking when the hit Broadway musical Wicked played in Manila. Watch out for future priority bookings at special events from your credit card provider.

4.      Extended Warranty for Your Favorite Gadget

Don’t you just hate it when your favourite gadget dies on you after its warranty expires? If you have the PNB Platinum MasterCard, you can enjoy extended warranty and even the purchase protection insurance. PNB’s purchase protection insurance covers your device from damage and theft for 90 days from the date you purchased the device.

Get the most out of your credit card by asking your provider about these benefits. Just applying for a card? Compare credit cards and start enjoying bigger and better rewards today!

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