Vehicular Collision |

When you’re on the road, you are more susceptible to danger. Road troubles may lead you to confusion, stress and cramming. It is really hard to think during these scenarios, so help yourself and lessen the stress from unfortunate events by taking the right steps:

Do not panic

Calm yourself and conduct a thorough self-check. Make sure that everyone in your car is fine and free from possible medications. If ever, ask for help on first-aid or ask for assistance on the nearest hospital. Otherwise, keep calm and talk to parties involved. Avoid picking up fights, too as it won’t lead anywhere but wasting time.

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Stay put

Do not move your cars; let it be in its last, same position as it was. Full-stop and don’t make any moves on your car. This is to help you, all the parties involved and the authorities on gauging whose fault is what.

Take pictures

Capture evidences that will give everyone the overview of the whole incident. Take photos in such manner that it could help you narrate the whole accident. These photos will help you on your car insurance claims and disputes if there is any confusion and misunderstanding.

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Take fundamental notes

Take down information such as names, addresses, contact information, driver’s license number and plate number of the driver/s involved. Make a written description of the cars involved, including year, make, model and color. The exact location of the collision and how it happened is also best if written. If there are witnesses, try to get their contact information to help you on your future dispute.

File an accident report

Tap the police station nearest the collision and file the necessary documents and statements. Always remember to be polite to everyone (most of the time, the missed part) and talk to a manner that is just.

Call your car insurance provider

Let your car insurance provider know all the details of the collision. Give them all the documents that you have to further gauge your future claim. But beforehand, know what your insurance covers. Don’t wait until another accident happens before you take interest on knowing what your cover really is.

Vehicular accidents such as collision take a tremendous toll on everyone involved, both financially and emotionally. Be the wiser ones that can charge the hassle to their car insurance provider.

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