Security Bank Home Loan


Experience a convenient and hassle-free loan application and approval with Security Bank Home Loan! Make your dream home a possibility today! 

security bank home loan

Why choose Security Bank home loan?

Security Bank Home Loan has flexible payment terms ranging from 1 year up to 20 years with low interest rates. You can borrow as much as 90% of the selling price or 80% of the appraised value. Security Bank has partnered with several accredited developers, most of them well-known and handles the top properties in the metro. Here are other reasons why you should get a Security Bank housing loan.


High loan amount

Get as much as 80% of the appraised value and borrow as low as ₱1 million!


Award-winning loan

Won the Home Loan Product of the Year Award at the Asian Banking and Finance Wholesale and Retail Banking Awards 2019


Award-winning loan

Stretch your payment terms up to 20 years with low interest rates

Security Bank home loan application process

Applying for a Security Bank housing loan is easy! Below is a guide to help you with your application.

Optional Step: Pre-Qualification

Not sure if you’re qualified? Try the home loan pre-approval quiz to see if you’re qualified before you fill out the loan application form.

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26pre-qual co-borrower copy
27pre-qual other loan copy

Security Bank will need your home loan, personal, employment, co-borrower (if any), and loan information to determine if you’re suited for a Security Bank home loan. They’ll need additional information if you have a co-borrower and other active loans.


You’ll receive an email with your quiz results once you’re done answering and submitting all the questions.

If you qualify for a Security Bank Home Loan, then congratulations are in order! Time to move on to the next step.

Option 1: Online Home Loan Application

Security Bank Home Loan’s online application form is the most convenient way to apply. The form will include the same categories found in the pre-home loan approval quiz but with more details. You’ll also be uploading the needed requirements and documents so make to have these ready.

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Take a detour to the Housing Loan Calculator section of Security Bank Home Loan’s website before clicking on the Apply Now button to find out how much you can borrow. Once you see your results and you like what you see, head on to the online application form by clicking on Apply Now.

1apply copy

The first page of the form will determine if you’re eligible to apply. If you fit the criteria mentioned, click on the Next Page button. The options are automatically ticked so if you don’t fit any of the criteria mentioned, you can’t move on to the next page. 

2-Jan-20-2023-09-35-30-7327-AM copy3apply 3 copy4apply 4 copy

This page will ask you basic questions regarding your loan that you’ll provide more details about in the later part of the application form. If you selected an employment type aside from employed and self-employed, a co-borrower and other loan status, this page will automatically add fields where you can provide your co-borrower’s information. You’ll also find a preferred callback schedule and a requirements checklist here, listing the basic documents needed. 

7apply personal info copy8apply contact info copy9 copy

This page will require more details when it comes to your personal information, contact information, and loan.  If you ticked on other loans status, this page will automatically add fields where you can provide details to your other loans. 

12apply employ info copy13apply employ info2 copy14apply employ info3 copy

This page will ask for your employment information and will show a summary of the payments you need to make monthly and your debt to income ratio. Note that your annual income should be at least ₱600,00. You can’t move to the next page if it doesn’t fulfill that requirement and if the debt to income ratio is above 40. Security Bank Home Loan allows a joint minimum monthly income of ₱50,000. You can get a co-borrower if your current monthly income doesn’t match the requirement.

16apply other info copy17 copy

This page will ask for other information that will validate your credibility in paying for the home loan. Credit card information (if any), dependents, and personal references not related to you should be provided. If you have a credit card, the page will automatically add fields where you can provide your credit card information. 

19apply legal docs copy20apply legal docs2 copy

The Legal Documents page will ask you to upload the required documents such as a valid ID, proof of billing with address, and income documents. Refer to the list of legal and collateral documents listed in the Basic Information and Requirements page. 

Make sure to upload the acceptable formats to avoid any errors. If the file size is too big, use the link to the tools that can compress our merge multiple pages into a single file found on top of this page. 

Option 2: In-person Application

As convenient as online applications are, some applicants still prefer going to the bank to submit their Security Bank Home Loan application. This is still possible and can be made easy by downloading the required documents found on their website before visiting the nearest branch.

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