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Filipinos love K-pop stars for their multi-faceted talent for singing, dancing, as well as acting. They are also known to be down to earth, consistently displaying a charming behavior towards their fans.

From dramas to music, we love to lap up everything K-pop. We love watching their shows with our families; themes such as romance, friendship, and family relationships are the same values that we connect with. When it comes to music, K-pop artists have become a sensation in the Philippines due to their catchy music and fast-paced choreography. In fact, according to Google, there are more than 10,000 searches every month in the Philippines related to K-pop stars. And what do Filipinos want to know about their favorite Korean stars? Here’s a chart that shows our top 10 Google searches on K-pop.

If you are one of the thousands of Filipinos who has searched about K-pop stars, then you probably know a lot about them. However, you might be shocked to know how much money these artists make! Here is a list of 10 popular Korean stars and how much money they are worth.


Notable association: BigBang

Net worth (in USD): 10 million

Instagram followers: 8.5 million

Why is he worth it: Taeyang has been regarded as one of the best vocalists in Korea and has been a part of several successful albums across multiple countries, both solo and as part of his group.

우왕.. ? by @yb518yb #Airyoungbae

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Notable association: JYP Entertainment

Net worth (in USD): 10 million

Instagram followers: 127,000+

Why is she worth it: Suzy is one of the biggest brand ambassadors in Korea with endorsement deals ranging from cosmetics, apparel, to even sugar.

Happy Suzy Day 10/10/17 ?? (3/3)

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Notable association: Produce 101

Net worth (in USD): 14 million

Instagram followers: 2.4 million

Why is she worth it: Known as the ‘Queen of Korean Pop,’ BoA has been popular in both Korea and Japan for almost 17 years now. In Japan alone, she has sold more than one million copies through her three albums.

?? 하하하

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Notable association:  Real

Net worth (in USD): 15 million

Instagram followers: 5.5 million

Why is she worth it: Known as Korea’s ‘Little Sister,’ she has several successful albums, popular dramas, and lucrative brand deals to her credit. She has had the most number one songs on the K-pop 100 billboard.

멜뮤 feat.유미?민박?

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Notable association: 2NE1

Net worth (in USD): 16 million

Instagram followers: 6.3 million

Why is she worth it: Dara or Sandara Park was highly popular in the Philippines before moving to Korea, and was given the honorific national title “Pambansang Krungkrung ng Pilipinas.”


Notable association: Ninja Assassin

Net worth (in USD): 20 million

Instagram followers: 933,000+

Why is he worth it: Popular in both US and Asia, Rain is also known for his humanitarian work, such as having donated money to provide 50 drinking water wells and playgrounds in Cambodia.


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Notable association: Big Bang

Net worth (in USD): 21 million

Instagram followers: 233,000+

Why is he worth it: A major fashion icon who runs his own business, PeaceMinusOne. In 2016, G-Dragon was named as the most influential person under 30 in Asia’s entertainment and sports.

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Si Won Choi

Notable association: Super Junior

Net worth (in USD): 35 million

Instagram followers: 4.7 million

Why is he worth it: A singer, actor, and model, Siwon has starred in many popular K-dramas. An ex-military man, he has also volunteered for a UNICEF campaign in Vietnam.


Notable association: His song, ‘Gangnam Style’

Net worth (in USD): 45 million

Instagram followers: 363,000+

Why is he worth it: Holds the record as the artist with the most viewed YouTube video for 5 years with currently more than 3 billion views. Not only a popular song, Gangnam Style, was also the most popular phrase of 2012.

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