10 Items That You Can Buy for Cheap in Divisoria

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated March 07, 2019

Divisoria is a popular shopping haven for penny pinchers. Even people from the farthest provinces in the country travel to Divisoria for cheap finds. The reason: low wholesale prices, especially if you buy in bulk. Because of this, Divisoria is considered among Manila’s centers of trade and commerce. It is every bargain hunter’s hub—a paradise for small and medium business owners and a shopaholic’s wonderland.

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What to Buy in Divisoria

If you’re looking for bargain buys, here are 10 items that are really cheap and worth checking out in Divisoria.

cheap textile in Divisoria

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1. Textile

Divisoria is the go-to place for dressmakers, hobbyists, and business owners. You can find garments for wholesale from established Divisoria stores but there are street vendors who sell attractive fabrics at very low prices. If you are into embroidery, cross-stitching, and other related hobbies, you’ll find everything you need there at budget-friendly prices.

Where to buy textile in Divisoria?

The streets of Ylaya, Tabora, and Carmen Planas are the best sources of affordable yet quality textile and sewing supplies

2. Fruits

Divisoria is home to seasonal fruits. People go here to buy boxes of fruits especially during Christmas season. Year round, you can buy apples, oranges, bananas, grapes and more. If you are particularly in search for seasonal fruits like avocado and turnips, you will not be disappointed in this shopping haven.

Where to buy fruits in Divisoria?

Check out Asuncion, El Cano, Carmen Planas, and Lakandula streets, as well as M. De Santos Avenue for fruit buying.

3. Baking Supplies

People with home-based baking businesses also visit Divisoria because it is complete with baking supplies and ingredients such as chocolates and candy sprinkles. You can also purchase baking equipment like mixers, trays, and molds. Packaging supplies like boxes and ribbons are also available here.

Where to buy baking supplies in Divisoria?

Check out Sto. Cristo Street for your baking needs.

4. Party Needs

If you are thinking of hosting a children’s party, you will find everything you need in Divisoria. Products include balloons, party giveaways, candles, party hats, loot bags, banners, and game materials such as palayok and pabitin. If you are thinking of following a certain theme, you can find everything you need in Divisoria at a low budget.

Where to buy party needs in Divisoria?

You can visit 168 Shopping Mall and Tabora Street for your Divisoria party needs.

5. Toys

Divisoria Cheap Items

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Kids and the kids-at-heart will find Divisoria a hub for a wide range of collectible toys such as action figures and dolls. However, don’t expect these to be authentic or original, which is probably the reason items are sold at low prices. If you can’t afford the genuine ones, then settle for the great-looking yet cheap toys in Divisoria.

Where to buy cheap toys in Divisoria?

168 Mall is well-visited by Gundam and Bandai collectors. Also check out side streets for great toy finds.

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6. T-shirts for Printing

Companies and different organizations go all the way to Divisoria for wholesale t-shirt printing. Some would choose to buy plain shirts and bring them to their desired printing agency, although there are stores in Divisoria that package the shirts along with printing for a more affordable deal.

Where to buy t-shirts for wholesale in Divisoria?

Juan Luna Street is a haven for plain shirts of all styles, colors and sizes.

7. Gowns and Costumes

Divisoria is also the answer for people in search of affordable gowns and costumes. Couples who are soon to be wed can buy gowns for the entire entourage. Barongs for men are also available. Don’t worry about sizes, because many stores offer custom-made gowns and costumes.

Where to buy gowns and costumes in Divisoria?

You can find gowns in Tabora Street. If you need costumes for different occasions, such as Halloween, United Nations Day, or Linggo ng Wika, you can visit Ylaya Street.

8. School and Office Supplies

The busy shopping district is also the go-to place before school opening. The month of May and June are among the busiest seasons in Divisoria, aside of course from the Christmas season. Parents and business owners come here for uniforms, shoes, bags, and more importantly, school supplies as wholesale products in Divisoria.

Where to buy school and office supplies in Divisoria?

You can get the cheap ones in the sidewalks and the quality products in stores at Juan Luna and Sto. Cristo Streets. If you need to buy supplies in bulk, you will find a good range of products from them.

Divisoria Cheap Items

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9. Souvenirs

If you are throwing a party and you plan to give away some souvenirs for guests, you’re in luck because there are tons of souvenir shops in Divisoria. You can also order pre-made giveaways of your choice if you are pressed for time.

Where to find souvenir shops in Divisoria?

You can visit Tabora Street for ideas and supplies for making your own souvenirs. Tabora is Divisoria’s souvenir center.

10. Kitchen Supplies 

Hosting a party? Putting up a restaurant? Divisoria is a go-to for those who are in need of kitchen wares such as pots, pans, plates, fryers, and more.

Where to buy kitchen wares in Divisoria?

Sto. Nino, Sto. Cristo, Tabora, and Recto Streets are the most-visited areas for buying kitchen wares. Styrofoam, paper supplies, dried items, and decorative candles and chips can be specifically found in Sto. Nino Street.

Final Thoughts

Divisoria is highly popular for bargain RTW clothes, bargain shoes, accessories and bags. However, you should not limit your expectations of Divisoria to cheap yet low-quality products. Fact is, it is a complete source of supplies for different businesses and cottage industry owners.

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