Saving Tips When Shopping with Your Kids

Published: June 14, 2014 | Updated: November 7, 2019 | Posted by: Moneymax | Personal Finance

shopping with kids

One enjoyable family weekend bonding is grocery shopping. It can be nice to bring along your kids to the supermarket to involve them in at least the most fun activity of the household. However, will the level of fun be the same when their impulsive wants and tantrums cost you more than your budget? It could be challenging! Amidst budgeting and grocery list, you are more prone to overspend whenever you are with your kids as your grocery bonding could be an over-stimulating experience.
Here are ways to make the process smoother (a.k.a staying sane):

Express Your Purpose

Give your kids the reason why you are going out of the house. Let them know in advance that the only purpose of your trip is to buy food and grocery supplies enough for the week or the month. Make sure you prepared a list so you could make the trip as quick as possible. Educate them on what to expect especially on how you want them to behave in the supermarket.

Pick One

If you think you can’t handle the tantrums, allow them to think of one item in advance before conquering the store. This will give you the idea of the cost beforehand and be able to bargain for other options if it’s not within the budget. This will refrain your child from wanting another thing because he should stick to your agreement.

Break the Piggy Bank

If your child owns a piggy bank or a savings account and saw something they want in a store, tell him it is deductible to his savings or worse you’ll break his piggy bank to finance what he wants. This will remind your child that he will only pick something they can afford according to the amount he can afford to lose.

Involve Them on Grocery Listing and Shopping

Stock your pantry with kid and parent-approved items. Allow your child to pick the grocery items you list together. When you are on the grocery aisle, let them locate the items themselves. Make it an adventure or a game when you’re shopping – be creative. It is also a good way for them not to get bored or want something when you’re grocery shopping.

Let Your Kid Decide

Let them choose what item, what brand, what color and other details – especially on the things they use or eat – in terms of how they spend money along with your guidance. Give them the options and let them choose among the options you provided. This will give them opportunity to have a say on their buying decisions and make them more involved in the process. It is especially important on developing your kids’ decision making particularly on financial matters.
What are your experiences when you’re shopping with your kids?