How to Enroll in PNB UITF Online So You Can Start Investing ASAP

Rouselle Isla

Rouselle Isla

Last updated November 23, 2022

Planning to jumpstart your investment journey? Consider investing in UITFs, which offer potentially higher returns than your traditional savings account without requiring you to invest a lot of money.

If you have a PNB savings or checking account, you can securely and conveniently invest via the PNB UITF Online facility. Manage your UITFs using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about how to enroll in PNB UITF Online in this quick guide.

What is PNB UITF Online?

how to enroll in PNB UITF Online - what is pnb uitf

PNB UITF Online is the fully automated UITF investment facility of the Philippine National Bank. You can access it through the PNB Account Access Portal.[1] 

PNB UITF Online is the country’s first comprehensive UITF Online facility that lets clients invest and redeem their funds easily through the web. With PNB UITF Online, you don’t need to go to a PNB branch to open your UITF account.

To get an idea of the funds you can invest in via the PNB UITF Online facility, here are PNB’s UITF products:

  • Money Market Funds (Peso and Dollar)
    • PNB Prime Peso / Prime Dollar Money Market Fund
    • PNB Peso Fixed Income Fund
    • PNB Institutional Money Market Fund
  • Intermediate-Term Bond Funds (Peso and Dollar): PNB Peso / Profit Dollar Intermediate-Term Bond Fund
  • Balanced Fund (Peso): PNB Balanced Fund
  • Equity Fund (Peso)
    • PNB High Dividend Fund
    • PNB Equity Fund
    • PNB Phil-Index Tracker Fund
  • PERA Fund (Peso): PNB PERA Bond Fund
  • Global Feeder Funds (Dollar)
    • PNB Global Growth Equity Feeder Fund
    • PNB US Equity Sustainability Leaders Feeder Fund

What are the Benefits of PNB UITF Online Facility?

how to enroll in PNB UITF Online - benefits of pnb uitf online

Once your PNB UITF Online enrollment is processed and approved, you can perform various functions related to your UITF investment and enjoy the following benefits:

1. You Can Conveniently Open a UITF

Start investing in UITFs without the paperwork and visits to a PNB branch. You can simply open one via PNB’s internet banking facility. The account details will be sent to your UITF account, which will be approved within 24 hours of enrollment.  

2. You Can Make Placements Through Your PNB Account

Since you have a nominated source account, you can easily fund your investments and make placements quickly and conveniently through your PNB account.

3. You Can Redeem Straight to Your PNB Deposit Account

If you wish to make a redemption, you can also do it online with just a few clicks. The funds will then be credited to your nominated settlement account.

4. You Can Open a PNB Auto Invest Plan

Once your savings reaches the required threshold amount, the Auto Invest Plan (AIP) facility allows you to regularly put aside a portion for automatic investment to a PNB UITF of your choice.

You can invest in PNB Peso Money Market Funds for as low as ₱2,000 or in PNB Dollar Money Market Funds for as low as US$100. This way, you can earn potentially higher returns in comparison to a traditional savings deposit.

5. You Can Manage Your UITF Efficiently

Check your statement of account and your fund’s performance. Use the PNB UITF calculator to compute how much you’ve earned. Manage your investments effectively by conducting regular PNB UITF reviews and viewing the status of each investment you enrolled in the system.

You can monitor your UITF investments on the go, or even check your redemption history, via the PNB Digital App.

If you want to check the PNB UITF NAVPU (net asset value per unit), you can also do so via the PNB official website at

What are the Requirements to Enroll in PNB UITF Online?

You must be at least 18 years old and an existing PNB customer with an active PNB savings or checking account.

What is the PNB UITF Minimum Investment?

For just ₱2,000, you can already make a minimum initial participation or investment in the PNB Dream Builder Money Market Fund. If you’re eyeing a Peso fund, you need a minimum investment of ₱10,000 and a minimum of US$100 for Dollar funds.

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How to Enroll in PNB UITF Online

how to enroll in PNB UITF Online

Once you’ve successfully enrolled in the PNB Account Access Portal, you can access your account to proceed with your PNB UITF Online enrollment. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the PNB Account Access Portal and choose UITFs from the menu.
  2. Click Enroll in UITF Online.
  3. Answer the questions in the UITF Sustainability Assessment form. This is an important tool that will determine your risk appetite and which type of investment suits you.
  4. After accomplishing the form, click the Submit button.
  5. Next, nominate your settlement account. It will serve as your investment’s source account and the destination account when crediting your redemption proceeds.
  6. You’ll receive an email notification confirming the approval of your UITF enrollment.
  7. Once your enrollment is approved, you can now make a direct investment or subscribe to an Auto Invest Plan.

How to Enroll Existing UITF in PNB UITF Online

Do you have an existing PNB UITF that you wish to enroll online? You can enroll it in the PNB Account Access Portal as well. Simply follow these steps:

1. After logging in to the portal, click UITFs on the menu and choose Enroll Existing UITF Placement.
2. Key in the following information that can be found in your Confirmation of Participation or COP:

  • COP Number
  • Account Name
  • Fund Name
  • Date of Participation
  • Principal
  • Branch Name
  • NAVPU on Date of Participation
  • Number of Units

3. Review the details you entered and then confirm.
4. Lastly, wait for the confirmation of your UITF enrollment.

How to Redeem Your PNB UITF Investment

Ready to redeem your investment? You can also do so online in a few quick and easy steps:

  1. Log in to the PNB Account Access Portal. Under UITFs, click UITF Portfolio List/Section.
  2. Select the fund you want to redeem and click Redeem on the corresponding COP.
  3. Choose Full Redemption or Partial Redemption.
  4. Tick the Disclaimer/Reminder box.
  5. Click Continue and follow the steps until you get to the confirmation page.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to enroll in PNB UITF Online, take this opportunity to boost your investment portfolio and grow your money. For just a small amount, you can already take advantage of investment privileges that are normally just reserved for investors with considerable funds. Enjoy security and convenience in managing your funds with PNB UITF Online.

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Source: [1] PNB Account Access Portal

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