PNB UITF Online Facility
The Philippine National Bank (PNB) has launched the country’s first comprehensive unit investment trust fund (UITF) online facility that allows its clients to invest and redeem funds at ease through the Web.

What Are the Benefits of PNB UITF Online Facility?

Once your PNB UITF Online enrollment is processed by PNB, you will be able to perform various functions related to your UITF investment at your fingertips such as:

  • Direct UITF investments
  • Full and partial redemption services (The fund will be credited to the nominated settlement accounts)
  • Purchases of additional UITF investments
  • Track the real-time investment status
  • View the UITF portfolios
  • Generate the electronic copies of the Confirmation of Participation (COP) and Participating Trust Agreement
  • Utilize the Auto Invest Plan (AIP)
  • Use the UITF calculator to calculate the profits/losses

If you wish to know the general benefits of investing in an UITF product, please click here.

What is the Auto Investment Plan (AIP)?

The Auto Invest Plan (AIP) is a facility that allows you to put aside a portion of our savings on a regular basis for automatic investment on your chosen PNB UITF once it reaches the required threshold amount. This way you can earn potentially higher returns in comparison to a traditional savings deposit.

How to Enroll in PNB UITF Online?

With a stable internet connection and a laptop/mobile device in your hand, you can complete the enrollment.

  1. Log on to the PNB official website[1]
  2. Select “Personal Banking”
  3. Select “e-banking service”
  4. If you have yet register previously, please proceed to the step 5 & step 6. Otherwise, you can skip the following 2 steps and continue to the step 7.
  5. Click on the “enroll” button at the upper right corner of the page.
  6. You can choose to enroll with your ATM card number of your savings or current account. At the same time, you can also opt to enroll with your non-ATM account.
  7. After successful logging in, select the “UITF Investments”
  8. Select “Enroll now” (A kind reminder: Please enter a valid email address)
  9. After completing the enrollment process, all you need to do is nothing!

Just wait patiently for the approval of your enrollment by the PNB within the following 24 hours. You will be notified with an email once the processing of your UITF enrollment has been successfully done. At the instant you receive the email, you can start to invest and manage your UITF portfolio online.

What Are the Trust Products Offered by PNB?

The bank offers a wide-range of trust products such as:

  • Mabuhay Prime Fund
  • Dollar Prime Fund
  • Mabuhay Prestige Fund
  • High Dividend Fund
  • Enhanced Phil-Index Reference Fund
  • Mabuhay Plus Fund
  • Dream Builder Fund
  • Dollar Profit Fund
  • Global Filipino Peso Fund

Investing through the PNB UITF Online facility requires a PNB account and enrollment in PNB Internet Banking. If you wish to know more information about the PNB UITF Online Facility, please call 573-8888 or visit any PNB branches.

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