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Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated October 21, 2021

Free online courses in the Philippines are easily accessible for you to learn and improve your skills anytime. Aside from being able to enroll and study within the comforts of your home, there are also a variety of courses to choose from. Whether it’s for finding a job, advancing your career, starting a business, or simply learning something new, you can find many courses that suit your needs and interests. 

Taking free online classes in the Philippines also allows you to explore your interests and help you decide which career or business path you want to take in the future. Choose from any of these options! 

TESDA Online Courses for Developing Various Skills

free online courses in the Philippines - Tesda Online Program

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), a government agency that handles technical vocational training in the Philippines, provides several free online courses in the Philippines. TESDA online courses are made specifically for employees, OFWs, professionals, unemployed people, students, and out-of-school youths.

The TESDA Online Program offers a selection of courses, ranging from automotive and electronics to entrepreneurship and information technology. To access the free online courses, sign up for an account[1] on the TESDA Online Program website.

After finishing a TESDA online course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, and you can even apply for National Certification at any TESDA-accredited assessment center. This document certifies your competency for a certain skill and can be presented during job applications.

1. Managing Your Personal Finances

Who should take this course: Anyone who wants to manage their money better and gain financial independence

With modules on saving, investing, financial goal-setting, and managing debts, this TESDA online course can help you improve your money habits. In addition, you'll learn how to live within your means, get out of debt faster, and other things necessary to achieve financial freedom.

2. STAR Online Training Program

Who should take this course: Aspiring entrepreneurs

Written in Filipino, this online entrepreneurship course covers the basics of starting a business. It also provides strategies for sustaining profits and proper branding of products.

3. SMART Technopreneurship 101

Who should take this course: Anyone who plans to start a technology-based business

Setting up a tech-based enterprise requires a special set of skills. This TESDA online course teaches the knowledge and skills that aspiring technopreneurs need to start their business.

4. Web Development Using HTML5 and CSS3

Who should take this course: Anyone who wants to learn the basics of front-end web development

Developed in partnership with Google Inc., this online web development course equips students with the technical know-how of processes and programming language—specifically HTML5 and CSS3—for building corporate websites and apps.

5. Bread and Pastry Production NC II

Who should take this course: Anyone who plans to set up a bakery, pastry shop, or any similar business

Joining this free TESDA online course will teach you the skills required of pastry chefs and bakers, such as baking, decoration, and presentation.

6. Cookery NC II

Who should take this course: Anyone who wishes to start a restaurant or food business, or anyone who wants to work as a cook

This online course teaches how to prepare various dishes (hot meals, appetizers, desserts, etc.)—a skill that can help students make it into the food and beverage industry. Attending the Cookery course and getting a National Certificate helps one become qualified to work in food service establishments.

7. Massage Therapy NC II

Who should take this course: Anyone who wants to start a spa business or get certified as a massage therapist

The online Massage Therapy course of TESDA covers the basics of Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai massage, which are the common services offered in spa centers in the Philippines.

8. Job Interview Skills Training Course

Who should take this course: Fresh graduates and anyone looking for a job or career advancement

Boost your chance of getting hired by honing your job interview skills. This online course shares different techniques to ace your interviews, so you can land your dream job.

9. Workplace Communication

Who should take this course: Professionals who want to improve their communication skills for career growth

Having excellent technical skills may propel your career, but it won't take off if you lack the ability to communicate effectively with your superiors, colleagues, and clients. Through this TESDA online course, you'll learn how to listen, respond, and participate when communicating in the workplace.

10. Start and Improve Your Business

Who should take this course: Anyone who wants to begin an entrepreneurial career 

The Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) is a four-tier program developed by the International Labour Organization (ILO). SIYB will teach enrollees to start and improve a small business. The four packages within the SIYB program are:

  • GYB - Generate Your Business Idea
  • SYB - Start Your Business
  • IYB - Improve Your Business
  • EYB - Expand Your Business

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11. Harnessing Social Media to Expand Your Business

Who should take this course: Those who want to use social media as a platform to increase the visibility of their business 

This course aims to teach how to establish connections with your potential customers. You can also learn how to maximize free online tools that will help manage your social media content.

12. COVID-19 Management

Who should take this course: Best suited for people who wish to find free resources on COVID-19 management

The free COVID-19 management courses aim to provide free learning resources to  individuals and organizations. You can learn about how to properly put on and remove PPE, contact tracing, hand hygiene, as well as learning and teaching online during COVID-19. 

Free Online Courses in the Philippines on Entrepreneurship

free online courses in the Philippines - entrepreneurship courses

1. How to Build a Startup

Who should take this course: Aspiring entrepreneurs

How do you build a successful startup? Learn the essential steps to set up a business,[2] especially through market research, from industry professionals.

2. Funding Your Business

Who should take this course: First-time entrepreneurs

Wondering how you'll get the funding to get your business started? This online business course[3] takes you through the various options to finance your business operation, from personal savings and borrowing from family and friends to personal loans from banks and private lenders.

3. Business Growth Strategy

Who should take this course: Business owners

Growing a business is important, and learning how to do this can be achieved by enrolling in the Business Growth Strategy[4] course. In this course, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Assess opportunities to level up your scope
  • Enter new markets and be able to analyze, evaluate, and respond to competitors
  • Unlock innovation and add value to your innovation strategy

4. Business Intelligence Tools

Who should take this course: Business owners, marketers, sales professionals, accountants

This course will help you learn how to use software and digital tools for business[5] like SAP Business Objects Analysis, SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP Dashboards, just to name a few. 

5. Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity

Who should take this course: Anyone looking for business opportunities

Developing the Opportunity[6] is a course for anyone who needs ideas on how to find a business opportunity. Ideal for those who wish to start a business, this is an introductory course to entrepreneurship. You’ll also learn about the profile of an entrepreneur, the concepts of entrepreneurship, and identifying and assessing business opportunities, among others. 

Free Online Courses on Digital Marketing

free online courses in the Philippines - digital marketing courses

1. Learn Digital Marketing

Who should take this course: Entrepreneurs, digital marketing beginners, and anyone who wants to change careers

Looking for free online courses in the Philippines about digital marketing? Get your head-start on this field through this short digital marketing course by FutureLearn.[7] You'll get an overview of digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and display advertising.

2. How to Create a Website Using WordPress

Who should take this course: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, aspiring bloggers

Learn the basics of building a fully functional website through WordPress with this Udemy online course. In addition, you'll also learn new ways to customize your website to your liking.

3. SEO Training Course by Moz

Who should take this course: Small business owners, freelancers, newbie marketers who need to learn SEO

SEO helps businesses and professionals establish a strong online presence with their target audience. Leverage the benefits of SEO for your business or freelance career by taking this free online SEO course.[8]

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4. Using Social Media for Business

Who should take this course: Small business owners, social media marketing beginners, and those who want to shift to a career in social media

FutureLearn's online course on social media marketing covers the whys and hows of using social media to promote a brand and measuring the success of social marketing campaigns.

5. The Digital Economy: Selling Through Customer Insight

Who should take this course: Business owners, digital marketers, sales professionals

How do you attract and retain customers? Find out by taking this free FutureLearn online course on customer relationship management, which will help you understand customer behavior and develop marketing and sales strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

6. Starting a Business 3: Customers and Competitors

Who should take this course: Those who are already running their business, digital marketers, and sales professionals

If you’re running a business, one of your top considerations should be your target market. In this FutureLearn course, you’ll learn how to reach out to your customers and understand their needs. This will help you plan a marketing strategy that will best promote your branding and the credibility of your products and services. 

7. Ethical Marketing and Advertising (EMA)

Who should take this course: Digital marketers, ad managers, business owners

The Ethical Marketing and Advertising course from the International Chamber of Commerce is a virtual coach that aims to guide you through ethical practices relating to customers, the society, and your competitors. At the end of this course, you’ll also learn the principles of global advertising which is applicable to all industries. 

Free Online Courses on Personal and Career Development

free online courses in the Philippines - Personal and Career Development

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity

Who should take this course: Employees with productivity problems and who are struggling with managing their time

This Coursera online course is all about developing smart work habits—from goal setting, prioritization, and delegation to managing expectations and overcoming time management challenges. After taking the course, you'll get an electronic certificate that you can print or add to your LinkedIn profile.

2. Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance

Who should take this course: Employees and students on the verge of burnout or anyone who can benefit from mindfulness

Is too much stress affecting your performance? Try to take a more mindful approach to work, study, and life in general. Let this online course from FutureLearn help you discover mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and manage your emotions to improve your performance.

3. Introduction to Personal Branding

Who should take this course: Employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers

Want to take your career or business to new heights? You've got to build a strong personal brand first. Take this Coursera online course on personal branding to learn how to create and maintain your own brand.

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Free Online Courses in the Philippines on Programming and IT

free online courses in the Philippines  IT and prggramming courses

1. Introduction to Programming with Java

Who should take this course: Beginner and intermediate-level web developers who want to learn how to program basic Java

Add new skills to your portfolio with online courses on different web development competencies, such as this Java programming course by Udemy. At the end of the course, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion.

2. How to Start Your Career in Game Development

Who should take this course: Web and mobile developers and students who are studying game development

Build a stellar career as a game developer. Take this FutureLearn online course on starting a game development career and gain valuable tips and techniques from industry pros.

3. Intro to HTML and CSS

Who should take this course: Students and beginners who want to start a career in web development

This Udacity online programming course walks you through the basics of web development. Moreover, it teaches you the best practices and problem-solving strategies you need to know to get into this field.

Free Online SEO Training Courses in the Philippines

free online courses in the Philippines - search engine optimization

Online visibility can definitely take your business to the next level. But it doesn't stop there. As an online business owner or marketer, you also need to learn how to optimize your site to attract more visitors and generate more sales. Check out these free search engine optimization (SEO) courses from Hubspot and Coursera!

1. Unpacking Your Google Optimization Score

Who should take this course: Digital marketers, content writers, SEO specialists

Understand how the Google optimization score works and learn ways on how to improve it. You’ll be able to develop strategies on how to optimize your content, website, and advertisements when you know how this score works in increasing the visibility of your business.

2. Blogging Course: Learn How to Start a Blog and Create a Blogging Strategy for Your Business

Who should take this course: Content managers, specialists, strategists, writers, and bloggers

By taking this course, you’ll learn how to build a blogging strategy that triggers business growth. You’ll also improve the quality of your blog content which will encourage readers to read and share. Finally, at the end of this course, you'll be expected to create a guest blogging strategy that’s fueled by SEO. 

3. Content Strategy Course: Learn How to Create a Successful Content Strategy

Who should take this course: Marketing professionals, inbound professionals, content producers

Content producers and marketing professionals are expected to come up with a compelling business story. If you’re a part of a content team or if your business highly depends on content marketing, then this course is for you. You’ll learn to produce content that attracts and engages readers to be part of the buyer’s journey. 

4. Learn What Website Optimization is and How to Do It

Who should take this course: Managers, directors, website owners

Your website is the online home of your business, and generating traffic towards it increases your sales potential. Through this course, you’ll learn how to fix common website problems that affect performance. You’ll also learn how to come up with ideas to enhance website SEO for desktop and mobile and implement the best practices for website security. 

5. Search Engine Optimization Specialization

Who should take this course: Content managers, SEO managers, SEO specialists, and content creators

This course from Coursera will help you get a competitive analysis of the pages on your website. It will help develop an effective approach towards achieving a successful relationship with your customers.

You’ll also learn how to establish relationships with influencers and create collaborations with them to see which content is likable and pushing your site to the top of Google page rankings.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create a report on your website status and offer recommendations for SEO to improve it.  

Final Thoughts

Free online courses in the Philippines are made available for anyone who wants to start a business, improve an existing trade, or enhance their skills. Enrolling in these free online courses is not only a good investment of your time. It will also allow you to explore opportunities to become better at what you do. 

Commit yourself to learn a new skill—devote a certain number of hours per day or week to take free online courses that will help you fulfill your personal and professional goals. In short, just continue learning!

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