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6 Most Fulfilling Jobs in the World

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated May 29, 2014

To some people, their job is their life. They don’t necessarily need to get paid six-digit figure salaries, but still enjoy their line of work. Sometimes, these people work as volunteers, working for the love of the job instead of for the money. These are the kinds of people who are worth looking up to, who are role models, and who serve as an inspiration. The jobs they are in don’t necessarily reward them with riches and luxuries, but they are rewarded with something beyond the materialistic.

1. Red Cross Volunteer

Red Cross volunteers work part time or full time and are often sent to places in their home country or around the world. They receive training for first aid and other important skills for rescue and relief. Most Red Cross volunteers agree that their job gives them the greatest satisfaction when they’re able to make a difference and are able to help out people in need.

2. UNICEF Ambassador

It may not be easy to become a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, but working for UNICEF itself is fulfilling already. Those who work with UNICEF may have a long-term or short-term occupation involving education, nutrition, or medicine, all of which are geared towards improving the lives of children around the world. A lot of UNICEF workers find the job challenging, but extremely satisfying. How can it not be? You see the smiles of children at the end of the day; that in itself is a fulfilling job already.

3. Social Worker

Social workers are those who deal with improving the lives of people in a more local and domestic context. They deal with a range of issues that include poverty, discrimination, abuse, homelessness, sickness, and other social and psychological issues. It might not be a well-paying job, but it’s certainly a great feeling when you’re able to help improve the life of others.

4. Teacher

Teachers and professors are valuable in the education of young minds anywhere in the world. They work day in and day out to teach invaluable skills and share knowledge to our children, helping shape their growth intellectually and emotionally. Teachers are the ones who reach out to their students and help them solve problems in and out of the classroom. For every success story, there’s always a great teacher who made all the difference.

5. Environmentalist

Environmentalists are those who safeguard the welfare of plants, animals, as well as the earth, sky and sea. They are the ones who protect nature and seek ways to improve the living conditions of not just animals, but humans as well. While their jobs are very challenging and take them to far out places, they enjoy their work, and love making the world a better place for this generation and future generations.

6. Human Rights Officer

Human right officers are the people who make sure that people are treated right. They work for non-profit and non-government organisations, usually the United Nations and related institutions, to identify and address instances of human rights violations in different parts of the world. It’s a tedious and demanding job, but these are the people who fight every day for equal rights for everyone. Without them, we would be living in a world of bullies and dictators.

It’s not easy choosing jobs like these. For one, it’s not always financially stable. You could always start a savings account, or even take out a loan to take additional studies in order to qualify for any of these jobs. Despite being financially challenging, such jobs are spiritually and emotionally fulfilling. Being able to help people to get back on their feet and give them hope is something not everyone is given the opportunity to do.

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