Tips for First-Time Job Seekers
After the customary “Congratulations!” on your Graduation day, did you know what the society expects from you next? Earn money and be employed. The pressure will always be there on job seekers but here are tips to make the whole job application process a piece of cake:

Come up with an Impressive Résumé

To be impressive, it just has to be specific and direct to the point. Avoid details that are not important to the ones who will read it (the employer). Make sure that all the details are easy to understand.

  • It’s important to include information and details that explain why are you above other candidates.
  • If you have a work experience, place it in reverse chronological order. Prospective employers are more interested on your latest employment. If figures and portfolios are important in your profession, make sure to include links and highlight important numbers. On the other hand, keep your personal statements short.
  • Make your resume free of any spelling and grammatical errors. Keep your text size around 11pt in black, and in an appropriate font like Arial which is easier understand. Don’t choose ‘complicated’ fonts thinking that your resume will stand out, no.

Maximize the Internet connection

Invest on a stable broadband. Compare all in the market so that you can find which works for you best. Having your own and stable internet at home is not a luxury anymore among Filipino families today, but more of a necessity. All the more, internet connection is an advantage if you are actively seeking for a job.

  • If you have an internet connection at home, you can regularly check your emails regarding your application. You can also send email applications and check job vacancies online.
  • Make sure that your name is googleable. Build your social presence in such a way that your professional profile can be easily seen. It’s a good way that your prospect employer can check and confirm your existence.
  • Always update your LinkedIn profile. They say it’s the Facebook for the Professionals. Recruiters and employers use it regularly to target and attract potential employees. Consider it as your online CV
  • On the other hand, it’s also an advantage to know people from the company you want to work for. First people to search for are your interviewers – their profile and interest so that you can talk about other things during the interview. It’s a good way on building rapport on your conversation most especially if your interests are alike.
  • Always conduct a research before your interview. It could impress your interviewer when you know at least something about them and the company.

Explain your Thought Process on Interviews

Your interviewer will not just listen to what you are saying but also on how you say things. Your thought process will be judged during your interview. Your interviewer will gauge how good are you on solving problems that will be a critical part on your future job.

Don’t be Late!

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. Leave your house as early as possible so that you’ll be on time despite any circumstances like slow traffic. Remember that the company has scheduled a certain time to interview you so don’t make a negative first impression.

Be Yourself

If you’re just starting out, most of the time, your work experience will not be as important. Never exaggerate your experience because it will likely backfire as your employers are looking for trustworthy individuals. You will create a mark if you can strike a good, honest conversation with your interviewer so please be yourself.

Maintain Contact

Send a thank-you-email after the interview and check for emails every now and then for the result. If you don’t get the position, it’s okay. For sure, you have learned something from the process. You can definitely use it to improve for the next interviews to come. You may not get the position but if you maintain contact, they might call you again for possible positions you may be interested in.