Everyone loves to travel. Some of us are lucky enough to get to fly out to different countries as part of their profession while some of us love to dream about flying to an exotic location to relax and drink in the wonderful sights right in time for the Christmas Season.
People who travel often have the option to enroll themselves in a frequent flyer program so they can earn air miles and use them for VIP perks, promos, and even discounts for their next flight! Truly, air miles is a traveler’s best friend.
How hard is it to earn air miles? Years ago, it was more difficult but straightforward: You book a flight to earn miles. But these days, earning air miles is easier–and sometimes you don’t even have to be enrolled in a frequent flyer program!

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MoneyMax will show you how easy it is to earn air miles, and give you a few tips on how to use them with this handy infographic!
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