How to Redeem UnionBank Credit Card Points


Published on: September 15, 2013 Last updated: March 30, 2020

With the UnionBank Shop & Talk Credit Card, you can redeem reward points by charging your purchases. Apart from that, you can get a rebate as well. Read on to find out the way to earn the rebate.

Purchase Load and Get 5% Rebate

With the Shop & Talk Credit Card, you can get a 5% rebate every time you charge your load to the card. The reload must be purchased via the mobile banking in order to earn the rebate.

The rebates are earned for load purchases of P15 and above. Each transaction will be charged P2.50. Who can avail of this beneficial feature?

  • Smart Subscribers
  • Talk & Text Subscribers
  • Sun Subscribers
  • Globe Subscribers
  • Touch Mobile Subscribers

Take advantage of the convenient load purchases and get true value for your hard-earned pesos. Your rebate will be reflected on your Statement of Account.

Automatic Reward Redemption of the Shop & Talk Credit Card

Like the other credit cards available in the Philippines market, the Shop & Talk Credit Card offers rewards to its valued customers. The more you spend, the more reward point you earn.

However, the cardholders of the Shop & Talk Credit Card do not need to redeem their rewards. The reward points will automatically be converted to cellphone load and be credited to the cardholders’ cellphone number.

How Can I Receive the Load?

The cardholders with prepaid accounts will be informed by the SMS notifications each month about the cellphone loads credited to their accounts. Within minutes after they have received the SMS, the load will automatically be credited to the enrolled cell phone numbers. Meanwhile, the postpaid subscribers will get their postpaid bill payments which show that the load rebates have been reflected in their postpaid accounts.

There is no more hassle and fear of missing the deadline to redeem your reward points. With the Talk & Shop Credit Card, you do not need to do the redemptions anymore.

The Fee You Can’t Avoid- The Annual Fee

The annual membership fee of the card is P1,500. Meanwhile, if you wish to get a supplementary card for your loved one, the annual fee for the supplementary card will only cost you P750.

The Interest Rates of the Shop & Talk Credit Cards

The Monthly Effective Interest Rate (EIR) of the Shop & Talk Credit Cards is 3.5%. If you pay only the minimum amount or amount less than the total amount due for the billing period, the interests apply.

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