tonik flex loan

Tonik Flex Loan

Minimum loan amount

P 20,000

Minimum annual income

P 180,000

Add-on interest


Product Summary

tonik flex loan

Tonik Flex Loan

Want to flex your wallet but don’t have enough cash? We gotchu, luv! Apply for a Tonik Flex Loan and have the money to accomplish your goals with a maximum loan amount of ₱250,000 and no hidden fees. Achieve your dreams soon when you apply for a Tonik Flex Loan today!

  • Loan approval as fast as 1 day
  • Flexible payment terms up to 24 months
  • Low monthly contractual rate of 1.7%
  • No collateral or guarantor needed
  • All-digital transaction
  • Ideal for: home renovation, travel fund
Age23 to 58 years old
Minimum Annual IncomeP180,000
Credit CardNot Required
Landline NumberNot Required
Regular Employee
Government-issued ID
Valid TIN / SSS / GSIS or UMID number
Deposit accountATM and Bank Statement of Account from another bank and a Tonik Savings Account
Processing fee%
Late payment FeeP500

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Tonik Flex Loan Review

If your budget needs a break from all the stretching it’s been doing to achieve your life goals, call on Tonik to help you out through Flex Loan, the newest all-digital loan product. Flex Loan is perfect for first-timers because it’s loaded with all the good stuff—minimal requirements, easy application via smartphone, and lightning-quick approvals.

Where Can I Use a Tonik Flex Loan?

You can use your Tonik Flex Loan to work on projects you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the funds to get started or plans that have been needing your attention for some time now. Here are some goals that you can work on and flex after getting a Tonik Flex Loan:

  • Starting a business - Being your own boss is sexy! Getting there is a different story. Have a happy ending by jumpstarting your entrepreneurial career with Tonik Flex Loan.
  • Home renovation - Nothing spells flex more than a major home makeover. Impress your future guests and yourself with what you can do with your house with a personal loan.
  • Planned vacations - You’ve worked on that beach body, now it’s time to work on the money that’ll help you hit the sands. Flaunt that hardwork with Tonik Flex Loan and amp up your travel funds.
  • School expenses - Tuition fees, books, laptop, cellphone, uniform, shoes. We know, that list is long and your bank account needs more zeroes. Let Tonik Flex Loan be your digital 007, coming at ya with that swag and the funds to help you with the money you need for your kids—or your own education.

Who Can Get a Tonik Flex Loan?

Come join us, luv? But first, you need to fit Tonik Flex Loan’s eligibility criteria:

  • At least 23 to 58 years old
  • Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines
  • Minimum monthly income of ₱15,000
  • Must be employed
  • Must have a tax identification number (TIN)
  • Must be a two-timer—have a bank account with another bank

Tonik Flex Loan Requirements

  • Valid government-issued ID with photo and signature
  • Most recent bank statement of account (SOA)
  • ATM card from another bank
  • Tonik Savings Account

Tonik Flex Loan Calculator

Tonik has an online personal loan calculator that you can use to check which repayment term for your target loan amount will work best for your budget.

Note: The resulting figures of your calculation are just estimates. They’re subject to change. Remember that your actual amortizations will be reflected in the loan disclosure statement.

Tonik Flex Loan Sample Computation

Loan Amount

6 months

9 months

12 months

18 months

24 months


Tonik Flex Loan Interest Rates

  • Loan terms: 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months
  • Monthly add-on interest rate: 1.7%
  • Processing fee: One-time deduction of ₱1,000 upon loan disbursement
  • Documentary stamp tax (DST) fee: One-time deduction of ₱1.50 per ₱200 of the borrowed amount
  • Late payment fee: ₱500


Yes, luv! Tonik knows your need for speed and the fastest and most convenient way to get your cash is through the Tonik app. You’ll be doing the whole process via the app, from the loan application, to checking your loan status, and finally, receiving your cash through your Tonik account.

Small or huge amounts of cash? It’s a yes to both with loan amounts ranging from ₱20,000 to ₱250,000 for Flex Loan.

Once you’ve sent the required documents and answered Tonik’s call for document verification, just wait 1 banking day before you get approved.

Sorry, kabayan, but for now, Tonik loans are only available to Filipino citizens living in the Philippines.

Most of the fees for Tonik Flex Loan are one-time deductions except if you make a late payment. So be an early bird with your loan repayment if you don't like unnecessary fees.

  • Processing fee - one-time deduction of ₱1,000 upon loan disbursement
  • Documentary stamp tax (DST) fee - one-time deduction of ₱1.50 per ₱200 of the borrowed amount
  • Late payment fee - ₱500

You’ll receive a notification or you can check the app for your loan status.


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